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What does it mean to be a Boss Goddess?

What does it mean to be a Boss Goddess?

   What does it mean to be a Boss Goddess? It means that you are in command, yet vulnerable at the same time. It means that you are in control of yourself and your emotions. It means that you are aware that your reality is a dream, and that it is your creation. 

   A Boss Goddess doesn't care what you think about her. She does everything for the pleasure of her own self. She knows her magic and purpose. She's not here to convince you of anything- she is here to "be". Her confidence does not sound like, “they will like me,” its more of a, “I’ll be just fine if they don’t.”

   A Boss Goddess uses her femininity to her advantage. She realizes that her Goddess energy is sacred, and that it is the medicine of the world. She follows her intuition- she knows her boundaries- because she sets them. When someone crosses her, she lovingly let's them know so that they don't ever make that mistake again.

   A Boss Goddess is sweet. She is compassionate, sincere and honest. Her essence and energy is beautiful. However it is not to be taken as a weakness. If you ask her a question, prepare to get the answer. It will not be gold plated. It will be the real thing.

   A Boss Goddess recognizes that she deserves only the best in every area of her life. She values her life and herself as a solid GOLD standard. She knows what is fake when she sees it.

   She has awoken, remembering why she came here and that there is a much higher plan in action. She is not just her body, which is only a vehicle. Her wish is for you to look into her, not just at her.

   She is one with this universe, and is a child of the stars. When she looks up into the night sky, she realizes that like it's vastness, her life is composed of infinite possibilities.

   She is grounded- for she was put on this earth for a reason. However often she is traveling to places much different than this plane of existence... Join her....

   If you are reading this, Boss Goddess, own it. Get up and remind yourself that inside of you is a diamond that is brighter than the sun. You are unbreakable. If you see another Boss Goddess, look deep within her. Look into her eyes and remind her that she is beautiful and unbreakable. Remind her that she is powerful. Tell her that you are there for her.

The more boss goddesses we have on this planet, the stronger we become.

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  • Annie Hess

    I love everything you wrote!! These are some of the most beautiful and empowering words I have ever read! Thank you!

  • Demi

    Hi Logan!
    I just wanted to leave a comment and tell you that this is beautiful!
    This is just what I needed to hear and I am really resonating right now!
    Such beautiful empowering words. Thank you ✨

  • Emily Collins

    this series is breathtaking and complimented the beautiful words so well!!!!! love everyone involved too ❤❤

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