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This Jewelry Contains Magic

About Logan Hollowell Jewelry

About Logan Hollowell

Logan Hollowell Jewelry is handcrafted in Los Angeles using 14k and 18k recycled gold, ethically sourced gemstones, and conflict-free diamonds from around the world. Artisan goldsmiths create each piece with handpicked gemstones based on the intuition, feeling, and passion Logan draws from the natural beauty of the stone.

Our mission is to create quality heirlooms that last forever. We design elegant collections encompassing wisdom and inspiration from the universe. We always begin by visualizing the spiritual impact and healing effect the piece will bring you, and treat the entire process with the respect it deserves. Dusted with magic before becoming cherished heirlooms, our meaningful creations are made for the modern goddess.

Our vision is to sprinkle women with the cosmos - to remind you of your limitless potential and innate power. Our intention is to help you unlock your true life’s purpose. From our hearts to yours, we hope you treasure this sacred gift that unveils the ordinary magic of life.

Logan Hollowell Jewelry Showroom

More than a jewelry designer, Logan Hollowell is a writer, metaphysicist, alchemist and visionary. The foundation of Logan’s upbringing, nature and spiritual symbolism are featured throughout her extraordinary collections with totem animals, dreamy constellations, precious stones, and sacred numerology.

Logan’s wanderlust is also a source of inspiration - her love for travel and connecting with people from different cultures brings her the truest joy. After moving to Los Angeles from North Carolina, Logan sought strength and freedom in her work. She created her first two pieces, the Big Dipper Constellation and Queen Water Drop collections, which remain bestsellers today. It’s no coincidence these initial design ultimately set her free. Logan encourages others to create and manifest what they desire most by letting go and trusting in the universe.

Logan Hollowell designs collections that encompass ancient wisdom, magic and inspiration from the universe, always visualizing the spiritual impact and healing effect that a piece will have on its wearer. Her creations are much more than meets the eye, dusted with Magic before they become instant heirlooms.

Logan Hollowell Jewelry Showroom

We do things a little bit differently here at Logan Hollowell. Every piece is made with intention, love, and Magic so that it can be felt by its wearer, and ultimately change your energy and life in a positive way.

Our mission is to create heirlooms that last forever. The idea is to invest in the best possible, because you’re worth it. We encourage women to set the bar high because it sets the stage for how you deserve to be treated.

We love our community of customers and the love and passion they share for our fine jewelry made with intention. Our philosophy is that with patience when receiving something that has been created in such a way, a sort of respect in the process is deserved. We have discovered that there is a sweetness and Magic in life that is never to be rushed or handled with aggression. With this in mind, please know that this sacred gift from our hearts to yours is worth the wait.