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Discovering hidden gems of the mind...

Discovering hidden gems of the mind...

   Every diamond begins with the darkness of a piece of coal, until it is pressurized- then it becomes something beautifully magical. In this Gem Journal, my intention is to take you on a journey of how to discover the gems within you but to also to explain the meaning behind ours. For every design, whether it be a simple diamond on a chain or something hand carved, there is a metaphor, a message, and a lot of meaning behind it- even down the the number of stones.

   Symbolism, stone properties, and numerology all go into play. I am going to help you understand the symbolic world that we live in, and also discover your magical inner gems that are far beyond any diamond or mineral on this physical plane.  

    Can you imagine, the treasure chest, glowing as you open it? Buried deep, ancient wisdom and knowledge is inside of you, in all of us. The things I am going to talk about in this journal are gems that I have discovered within me - my soul - that are also within you. As you read, certain things may resonate. You may have many ahh-ha moments, which are simply just moments when dormant information is being re-awakened.

    In order to discover buried treasure, you must dive deep below the surface. I am thankful that I had the courage to dive deep, often so deep that I was soooooo uncomfortable, and then discovered that I knew how to breathe underwater and discover treasures that were only to be found if I did the deepest and hardest work. 

    The first step in discovering your gems is to really clear your energy. Sometimes we are experiencing so much darkness that the light won't even come around - until we ASK for the light to surround US! Acknowledge the darkness. Say hello- hear its echo. Then ask for your entire self, body, entire “being” to be surrounded with glowing white light. Visualize it all around your physical and energetic body. Keep that vision for as long as you can. You can also do this when you are in an uncomfortable situation, or if you find yourself around someone that is emitting negative energy.

  The most important thing is that you do this visualization every morning when you wake up, and every night before you go to sleep. Little did you know or do know, your subconscious mind does some traveling at night. And you want to make sure that you are protected during that time. Once you do this, you will discover that it will clear up a lot of the darkness and make you feel more at peace and at ease. You will let go of things you were holding onto unconsciously during the day.

    I look forward to sharing more techniques, insights, and experiences to help you bring out your best self and let it shine.
Stay Golden, Logan

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  • Wendy Both

    Beautifully written. Please continuou to share.

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