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  • April Newsletter

    April Newsletter

    April is the month of the diamond, stunning sunsets, and a time to soak in the beauty of nature. This month, I look forward to basking in the sunshine, sketching...

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  • Aspen Adventures

    Aspen Adventures

    Recently, I had the opportunity to host a pop-up with my team at the beautiful O2 Aspen store in Apsen, Colorado. No matter how many times I visit this stunning...

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  • LH X Rocky Barnes

    LH X Rocky Barnes

    Los Angeles based fashion blogger Rachel Barnes and her husband Matt Cooper are our ultimate couple muses...

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  • Logan Loves

    Logan Loves

    A Valentine’s Day themed round up of all my favorite things! PLAYLIST I have had this playlist on repeat for the last week to really get in the mood of all...

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  • New Year Intentions

    New Year Intentions

    A new year means a new chapter. It gives us a chance to realign, seek new paths and say goodbye to old parts of ourselves that no longer serve our...

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  • London Diaries

    London Diaries

    From days showing goddesses the magic of LH pieces, to nights strolling around Mayfair, my recent trip to London was something special.

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  • 4 models sitting leaning on each other wearing constellation collection

    Behind The 18k Prong Constellation Collection

    This collection is inspired by the quote "We all come from the same stardust".We all come from the same stardust meaning we are more connected than we know. Connected to...

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  • Logan’s Indonesia Gem Journal

    Logan’s Indonesia Gem Journal

    "The ocean as my playground, and the sky at night as my cover. Living life partially under the blue turquoise waters, with untouched white sand beaches of foreign lands." Read...

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  • How to Make a Magical Vision Board

    How to Make a Magical Vision Board

    I am such a sucker for the *Law of Attraction. I talk about it all the time and I use it to manifest many many things in my life, such...

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  • How to Thrive During Uncertain Times

    How to Thrive During Uncertain Times

    You are a warrior, who decided to come to planet earth during this massive awakening and great shift in consciousness.  Things are changing permanently, both physically and metaphysically. Some things...

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  • The 2020 Awakening

    The 2020 Awakening

    What does it mean to have 2020 Vision?  It means that you can see the world with crystal clear perception. 2020 is the beginning of a decade of vastly improved...

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  • Clean Queen Beauty

    Clean Queen Beauty

    Clean beauty has changed my life and skin. I feel like a goddess when I embrace my beauty and self-care rituals because I know I am doing the right thing...

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