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Manifesting the life you have always wanted

Manifesting the life you have always wanted







    When I was living in a tiny Venice apartment, my room was about the size of my bed and a small dresser. I woke up every morning with barely any room to change. I had to walk out into the cramped bathroom, which was elbow to elbow. I wasn't necessarily stoked on my setting.

     I was only 21, and as someone who was a bit competitive with myself, I knew that this didn't have to be my reality. So I read. I would stay home on my night off and read while others were out at bars. I would study about how to re program your subconscious mind.

     I used to go out all the time too, but I realized that in the same bars, I never found any answers. It was time to rewrite my story, and rewire my thinking. And so I started to get creative.

   I decided that I was grateful for the things I currently had. I quit comparing myself to the kids who had extra help. I decided I would take the reins, put my big girl panties on. I decided I would design the ideal life for myself in my mind, and imagine living it.

     So, while I had my life, I basically created this magical "treehouse" in my mind. I liked it there. When I walked inside, the whole world was waiting for me. I could do anything, be anywhere, and everything I needed and wanted was at my fingertips. I painted it in detail. I used all of my senses. I could hear waves crashing outside of my window and see the golden sun setting on the horizon. I was no longer living in a sardine can, but in a space where I felt comfortable and free.

     Can you imagine a time where you painted the perfect picture of a scenario; you could smell taste touch FEEL that one thing, and then it arrived like magic?

Yeah. That's what I'm talking about. Making your visions become reality.

     It didn't just "happen." It wasn't just a coincidence. You tapped into the infinite intelligence inside of you and created an ideal picture. The fact is, you are manifesting as we speak. This exact moment is a manifestation of what was in your mind "before" it. Everything you have thought in the "past moments" has lead you to this exact scenario you are living in. The reason I keep putting past and future in quotations is because those two things are illusions. There is only NOW. So if you can be where you want to be in your mind NOW, then you will manifest within "time" or instantly.

     Think of your current situations- are there things you wish you could change? Well avoid those thoughts that resist and limit you and replace them with ones of belief that you can create an IDEAL picture for yourself.


   In order to really make major waves in your creative abilities (life manifestation and creation) you must first restructure your beliefs about yourself. Can you write down 5 core beliefs that were fed to you as a product of your environment, or that someone once told you- and you accepted them as TRUTHS?

When I started this process mine looked something like this:

1. You have to work REALLY REALLY hard for your money, and it has to be a strenuous and enduring thing... taking up every bit of energy. It's not a fun process.
2. You can't be a jewelry designer because it's really hard to make it in that industry
3. You are amazing, and beautiful, and you are worthy.
4. You were born with stomach issues and it's going to be something you have to deal with for the rest of your life.
5. You need to work 3 jobs in order to cover your bills, and will only have a small amount of money left over for fun stuff.
6. You need A LOT of money in order to be able to travel.
7. When you are hiking and outdoors all the time, you're wasting time because you should be working.
Now let's look at that list. I named one positive thing about myself that I believed, deep down inside of me.
Everything else on that list, I crossed out and replaced. For example, #1- I replaced it with:
1. Money (which is just energy) flows to me effortlessly, the moment I start doing the things I love and sharing my natural abilities with the world. It then multiples.
2. I can be successful at anything I want - and that includes GREAT success as a jewelry designer.
3. (Kept the same and added some other positive statements such as "I am magnetic, and everything I need is at my finger tips")
4. My body is healthy and in perfect harmony, and life flows through me and my abundant health is evidence of that.
5. My work is pleasure, and many expected and unexpected sources of income Flow to me.
6. I travel easily and effortlessly and live a magical life as I explore this beautiful planet with which I have divine and direct communication.
7. When I am outdoors, I feel the abundant nature that I am at my core- and when I feel that way, I naturally attract more energy into my life.

   Try this- and write many beliefs that you would like to change and replace. Then as a ritual, burn the old limiting beliefs and it's important to watch them burn and crackle in the fire- as you THANK them for what they taught you.

 In this moment you are now able to release them, and receive new! Just the way you would clean out your closet and get rid of old things that are no longer serving you- so that you can attract NEW beautiful energies... clothes... (everything is energy) into your life! Once you do the burning- go and take a shower or a cleansing bath and as the water washes over your body, imagine all of the old thought patterns and beliefs fall off of you and stream into the drain.

   Another aspect of manifestation is using a dream board as a tool, that will be covered in our next manifestation post.

   Every day, read your new belief system, as many times as you like. The most magical and magnetic hours for this is right when you wake up and right before you go to sleep.

Happy manifesting!


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  • Mary

    Love this. I’m working on this now. I had to read this post as you wrote it/posted it on my birthday last year. For me, there is meaning in that!!!

  • Haley Bradley

    Hi Logan!
    I adore your gem journal instagram and blog!
    This post was exactly what I needed today..
    you’ve inspired me to keep working towards rewriting my subconscious.
    Wondering if you have any book recommendations? I’m 21 and in the stay home from the bars and read routine right now.

  • Teya

    I was literally led to read this post! It’s so incredible and I SO appreciate your openness to share your journey. Know that it inspires like minded people with aspirations like yours and gives them reassurance ! Thank you so much! Please continue to write these posts, would love to learn more about your journey and the process which led you to your amazing jewelry line and life !
    Love, Teya

  • Kate whichard

    I love love love you. You are so inspiring ?

  • Ruby

    Ahhh YES! I feel like I was brought to your journal for a reason. Funny how life works. I appreciate your writing sooo much. I have been on a new journey discovering something deeper within myself and reading your posts have given me affirmation that I am doing something very right.

    Your energy is contagious. Feeling gratitude after reading this.

    Love, Ruby

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