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Your jewelry is made to last a lifetime, goddess...

With proper care, your instant heirlooms are handcrafted to be worn for many years to come.

Each piece is precious, and deserves to be handled with love and full attention.

Caring for your heirloom will preserve it at its best condition. 

How to care for your Logan Hollowell Jewelry:

  • Remove before exercising, swimming, bathing and sleeping. 
  • Limit your jewelry’s exposure to extreme temperatures, perfumes and cosmetics.
  • Avoid contact with harsh chemicals or household cleaning products.
  • Store flat in a safe and dry environment.
  • For any open rings or ear cuffs with diamonds, do not squeeze or bend to resize.
    This could potentially lead to stones falling out in the future. 
  • Clean with care using warm water, a drop of dish soap, and a soft bristle.
    Rinse with cold water after a few minutes.
    Do not submerge opals, blue sheen moonstones or rubies.