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Transforming yourself from the inside out

Transforming yourself from the inside out


  Studies of Epigenetics prove that you can alter your genes and DNA through your thoughts, diet, and mindfulness to transform the physical and mental state of your body.
This is why it is so important
to be self aware in every aspect of your life. 

  I'll never forget my Biological Psychology class in college when I was about 18. In the begining of the course, the teacher said that by the end, we would discover the ultimate primal purpose and intention of a human - male vs. female. I couldn't wait to find out the BIOLOGICAL reasoning behind my existence, which was within the code of my female DNA. Ever since I can remember, I have always wanted to know the reason of my existence. 

  As a child, due to unsound circumstances, I would often curse the sky, asking for an answer: Why did I have to come HERE? I knew this wasn't where I was from... I couldn't relate.  The only thing I wanted to do was escape.... When I found the forest, or rather when the forest found me, I was able to discover my True and higher self.  Over a 70 day period in the wilderness, I would never be the same. (We will get into that later).

One thing was this..... 

I am a human being. NOT a human DOING. And I am am actually a spiritual being, having a Human experience. 


Let's get back to the psychology course. 

  At the end of the class, after we studied every area of the brain: the frontal cortex, corpus collosum, the cerebellum... there was this one mystery area. 

  The pineal gland. This tiny area is protected by everything else in the brain. This is the area that scientists are still scratching their heads about. We know that the pineal gland produced something called DMT- during the time of birth, sleep, and death. This sort of energy, like a network, connects us to ALL living things. I was intrigued.  We will get back to this DMT stuff later... but from what I learned, it was as if the teacher was saying that this TINY area in the human body will have a huge impact on our future in evolution. Something woke up inside of me- dormant information was brought to the surface. Over the course of 7 years, I would get to know my pineal gland much, much more. 

  But in regards to the course, after all of the 3 hour classes, studying, tests, etc... the last week of class we cut to the ultimate coconut: the #1 purpose of my Primal/BIOLOGICAL reasoning for being here as a female homosapien on this planet we call Earth, was this:

"To gather resources for my seeds, my future children."

????? WHAT? That's why I came here to this freaking planet!? Just so I could gather resources, so I could push them into the next generation??? 

And guess what a man's soldiery reasoning for coming here on this planet was?  Now you're really going to laugh.

"To spread genes."

  Ok, HA HA. Now it all makes sense. The two stereotypes of men vs. women!  The one thing men hate on women for is being gold diggers- for making a man's income a factor in chosing him! But how could you judge her? Her brain came with this programming in it- she came this way! To gather resources, so that her future children would be safe and sound, and she wouldn't have to worry about their safety.

  Women... we are nurturers, so this totally makes sense. And what's the stereotype about men? That they want to sleep with everything that walks? They think with their brain... and by brain I mean the little one. Welllllll ladies? They kinda...should I say this... can't help it? BUT...

Yes, there is a but....

  After all of this I have to be honest, I was let down. So I went home after class, threw on an Erykah Badu track, lit some candles and maybe something else too, and started writing. 


  Something inside of me kept saying... this can't just be it. This isn't right. I did NOT just come to this plane to gather resources. And men, are they all like this? Did they all get programmed like this?

  Well... the truth is... that is the 3rd dimensional biological primal reasoning. But I've got news for you - yes, you! You were born during a very special time. Something is happening NOW… it's a paradigm shift. We are moving into the 4D/5D.

   In the forth dimension - which is a transitional phase before the fifth - things are different. You can probably feel the effects yourself now. This time can be very emotional and challenging for people - but you must keep the faith because the pay off is HUGE!

  The 4th and 5th dimensions are like receiving a major upgrade in your operating software and DNA hardware. It's as if your mind and body will be altered to work inside the newest fastest computer that operates smoothly at the speed of light! It will help if you reboot it (meditate, exercise and go more in the direction of a vegetarian diet, or fully vegan - but always listen to your body and what it truly needs to stay in balance!) which will make your body and mind much more stable, expansive, sharper, clearer, and make your overall life much easier to navigate.

  I remember when my shift began... it was so uncomfortable at first. Starting around 20, it was like a hurricane.  I was fighting with old societal expectations and beliefs about who I was supposed to be and what I was supposed to do. But as I listened to my calling, I would have these moments of deep inner peace, when I would contemplate letting go of everything in my life.

  I got rid of things that no longer served my highest self- foods, thoughts, beliefs, physical objects, clothing, etc. I stopped holding on to so much stuff because it simply was no longer needed. I would have deep "knowings" of things. I began to stop following brands and people who I didnt actually resonate with, I was simply allowing them into my existnace because I thought I was "supposed to". I supported only that which "sparked joy". Objects, clothing & accessories, food, restaurants- things and energies that reminded me of my highest self and what I deserved.

  I started trusting the universe in a way that I never had before. Like YES Logan, do that, buy that, go there, talk to her/him because that energy is going to take you higher. I kept hearing, "Don't worry, trust the universe. We have got your back on this." Revolutionary aspects from all areas of my life were emerging, and still are. 

Colors became more vibrant and the trees.... something about the trees....

   One of the best parts is the ability to see people's masks. As your third eye awakens, you're able to see others’ true intentions. You can see who is true and who is not. If they have unfavorable intentions it's important not to judge - because these are reflections of your old self which you are releasing.

   So you love them UNCONDITIONALLY. Because they are YOU. Maybe you don't give them the same attention as before since that energy is no longer of your highest self, but you still love them deeply so they (you) can continue to heal.  Life is a mirror, relationships are mirrors, sweetheart. Sometimes that reflection changes. You're waking up, like Dorthy from The Wizard of Oz. You're realizing YOU have the power. You just have to take it back. 

  We will get into this 4D/5D shift in my next post- and more about the symptoms of this shift and my experiences. I want to hear about yours. 

Let's cut back to the original topic at hand...

  Going back to that memory of the teacher as he spoke about the mysteries of our Pineal Gland... and how it connected us somehow- to Everything,  I began to have hope. 

  There is more to this story of life. We move on... We go... up? Yes, up. But we have to CHOOSE to go up. And by "Up" I mean every sense of the word- UP in thoughts, up in vibrations, up in choosing words, Up in choosing relationships, environments, conversations, foods, this means avoiding all things TOXIC. Up means to elevate, to transcend everything that is "below." And sure, call that selfish, but it's a part of your soul's survival. It's important for your biological psychological reasoning and existence... because all of these things effect the quality of your DNA. Yes, your DNA- your seeds, your future children. 

So call it selfish, but I find it to be pretty self-less.  
  Throughout this blog series we will be exploring how to specifically change your mental state and diet to achieve a more fulfilling and healthier life.  You possess the power to alter your DNA...
It's science called Epigenetics.
the study of changes in organisms caused by modification of gene expression rather than alteration of the genetic code itself.
"Epigenetics has transformed the way we think about genomes."

  This new "study," new TRUTH, will show you that in order to survive and create the highest version of yourself, and even higher version of your seeds, our FUTURE, then you need to listen. You need to listen to your higher self - that little voice in your head that tells you what is right for you and what is not. Don't let anyone tell you differently. No one.  

  Do this and your life will change dramatically. Stop living for other people. Live for yourself and the right people will come to you. Enjoy being YOU, don't worry about what he did she did, bla bla bla. This is YOUR life. When you start listening to your body and mind about who to see, what to eat, and not to eat or drink, you'll feel shifts happening in your life. 

  I know what you are thinking and I can relate. "Ohhh this is all so hard and I'm too comfortable now..." but you need to care. You are amazing, special, and a total bad ass. Listen to the way you speak to yourself because it has a ripple effect on your entire being. Nothing would be the same without you - we need you to be you! 

  Metaphysics, quantum physics, - science. It all changed my life. It's not just spiritual anymore - it's in the SCIENCE. You can change anything right now in your life by changing small things (or maybe huge ones) in your life. 


  Don't listen to me, take it from you - your very own intuition.
If it resonates, take the information with you.
If it doesn't, don't! It's pretty simple... :)
See you on the 4th/5th dimension goddesses!
(Male and female!)
“Food is not just calories, it is information. It talks to your dna and tells it what to do. The most powerful tool to change your health, environment and entire world is your fork.” ~Dr. Mark Hyman 
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  • Renee Clark

    Thank you for being strong enough and brave enough to speak your truth. I knew things were changing in our DNA. The 4D and 5D is why there is so much disruption for the younger people of today. They’re DNA / spirit is demanding the change and the remnants of our history is tethering to them. It’s uncomfortable and feels foreign at first. It’s resistant at first. But what is about to pass is going to be amazing. What a beautiful spirit you are!! Thank you.

  • Stephanie Hollowell

    Thank you Logan for this post. I have felt that I am going through some type of transition. Your article has helped me alot.

  • Nitika Kumar

    Thank you for posting this, Logan. I enjoy your blog so much and that is exactly what I needed. You have no idea how grateful I am for this and your positive vibes are so contagious. Loads of love to you goddess <3

  • Mariah O'Connor

    Logan, I am an employee at the Johnny Was Newport Beach location and we just started carrying your amazing jewelry. I originally went to your website to learn more about your product and to see what drives you to make such beautiful and meaningful pieces… Instead, I found myself sitting here at work unable to stop reading your blog. Your words took my full attention and really spoke to me. I can’t wait to meet and speak with you in person when we do our trunk show!

  • Olivia Knox

    Logan, this post is incredible. It contains philosophies I’ve been feeling so intensely but couldn’t express in words, which has prevented me from putting them into action. I can’t wait to continue to read this series and learn more from you!

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