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The Art of Receiving Your Golden Gift

The Art of Receiving Your Golden Gift


     I swear, this life is but a dream.  We all have a pot of gold waiting for us at the end of the rainbow... we just have to get through the storm.  Remember, there are no rainbows without rain.

     Life isn't just sunshine and butterflies... we can't pretend that it is. It's a mix of highs and lows, but it is true- holding that vision of the rainbow helps us get through the stormy weather of life. It's like having a map in front of you- and knowing where you are going. You are heading towards the rainbow. Where the pot of gold awaits you.

     One day I wished upon the stars to start a company that empowers beautiful people from all walks of life. Jewelry is sooo sacred to me, and I see how sacred it is to others as well. It's emotional. It's real. It holds energy in its earthly ​elemental properties, and therefore makes it magical. If I can create heirlooms for you, that hold special meaning and sacred energies from this all loving universe, then I can spread a little love that can be passed down. Maybe a little joy could be sparked. If one person is affected in a positive way- just ONE- then I am happy. These pieces are meant to be taken with you, to hold close during the greatest and most difficult of times of our journey, and they are to give hope. 
Hope for the love of this planet and between one another.
I find something particularly empty about just selling you gold and diamonds.
​...I see much more than vanity and sparkles... I see a deep metaphor and symbolism.

     "You will understand why life gave you so much pressure when you become a diamond."  Diamonds are simply a physical manifestation of the following metaphor:
     A piece of coal is compressed energy- blackened by the earth. Coal is thick and black, it is absent of light because it ABSORBS light. That carbon is the energy that creates diamonds. With the right amount of pressure, it becomes UNBREAKABLE. Now when a diamond is solidified- it can go through fire and other wear and tear.  No other gem is like that. They can't take the heat. A diamond IS light (vs coal which is the absence of light) and only REFLECTS light. 
     White light is a combination of ALL colors of the rainbow. We follow the rainbow... which leads us to pure white light. We just​ have to go through challenges to see the light.... It's just the nature of the duality on this third dimensional plane. "A smooth sea never made a skillful sailor."
     I encourage you to infuse your own lucky energy into your pieces as well when you receive them. Make a wish, or rather- set an intention- a belief.  And when you wear it, know that the intention is REAL- it already exists. It is a part of you! 
     Hold on- don't ever, ever give up. Hold your hands out into the air and receive your gold coins. They are waiting to fill the treasure chest within your heart and mind. After all, receiving is a trait of the divine feminine. And you are working towards this balance of energies right? Get comfortable with receiving- compliments, gifts from yourself and from others, and do it with grace. Say thank you! Affirm to yourself "I deserve this!" It's a practice. So many of us women (and men) have a hard time with this, and it's shifting!  We have been conditioned to believe otherwise... it's time to go back to the original paradigm.
     The one where the woman was honored and respected. The men were in touch with their emotions versus trying to resist them.  Resisting what is natural only causes an imbalance. We are all currently in the process of balancing our feminine and masculine sides. Love one another throughout this process and your healing will manifest more quickly. 
We are all so lucky. We are all SO blessed. If you are reading this right now- list of 3
things you are currently grateful for. FEEL them.
Now list off 3 things you are gratefully and graciously open to receiving. No manifestation is too big- it must be from the heart for it to come to fruition.
The heart chakra color is green.  Which is the color of this earth. The "lucky" color of love, green, leads us​ to our pot of gold. 
     Receiving gracefully means you have self-love. People who cannot receive are blocking themselves from their own love. Once you discover and are accepting of this deep appreciation and love for yourself, you will then experience the true meaning of abundance.
     It takes practice. It's a lot easier said than done.  We are all a work in progress, but to fully love and accept yourself despite your imperfections and mistakes- that is the goal.  It takes effort and strengthening. Just like how it takes time and increments to strengthen the muscles in your body, this is something that takes disciplined and consistent work.  You don't just jam in a workout and see results of giant muscles by the end of the day. You practice daily. You hold yourself accountable to go workout... like the way you hold your own mind accountable for thinking thoughts of love and when it goes astray you lead it back to where you intended it be going!
     Become aware of your own thinking- if you have an unloving thought to yourself​, let your higher-self swoop in and say, "Awww- it's okay. I love you! That thought wasn't one of love.  Here's a hug, thought." And then let that negative thought go.  Redirect. Hold your own hand. Walk yourself down the path, back to self-love and towards the rainbow of abundant colors and possibilities.
Stay in the light. Stay golden. 
Xx Logan 
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  • Brittany

    Your words are pure magic and energy. Please keep writing more posts. The impact through your words is greater than any picture on the screen. Amazing. Powerful. Empowering. Universally realistic. Love it.

  • Jess

    Such a powerful blog post. It’s nice to know someone feels the same about how sacred and emotional jewelry is. And the symbolism of diamonds with light and coal with darkness is so beautiful.

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