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The 2020 Awakening

The 2020 Awakening

What does it mean to have 2020 Vision? 

It means that you can see the world with crystal clear perception. 

2020 is the beginning of a decade of vastly improved vision for our highest self.  Prepare to experience a shift in personal empowerment, beauty and magic.  This is a major mark in the Awakening of our true selves. We begin a new paradigm during a time when it's more important than ever to focus our energy and attention on what we desire and what is in the best interest of ourselves and our planet.  This is a time when we fully embody the Alchemists we are, with the ability to move mountains and make dramatic change in our lives with the power of our hearts, and our belief in Magic.

It is important for us to look in the mirror and take accountability for our own lives. We must ask our souls, "What is it in my heart and mind that is holding me back from living up to our greatest potential?"

With 2020 Vision we cannot only see clearly with both eyes, but also with our third eye, our innate intuition center that knows all of the answers. We start to see what is real and what is not.  We begin to trust our inner voice.  We begin to exercise the phrase, “You know the truth by the way it feels."  Read that again, and internalize it. For so long we have rejected the innate feminine intelligence that is within us.  We have this powerful intuition which acts as a laser sharp antenna.  Use it. Listen to it.

More than ever, we see through the illusions of this world and begin to treat one another as the Kings and Queens that we truly are.  We feel compassion for our own unique stories, and begin to understand why others see the world the way they do.  With love and understanding we can gain respect and give one another the unconditional love that we are all worthy of receiving.  People don’t act out for no reason; it's because they were taught how to love in an unnatural way.  They have found themselves astray from the truth.  It's our job to not leave them in the cold, but to invite them inside and allow them to warm up by the fire. We must also warm ourselves by our own fire. We all deserve to heal and live with an open heart and mind, ready to receive and surrender to the Universe.

In 2020 we begin not only see, but come back to what really matters.  At the beginning of each New Year, I like to take some time to truly reflect on what I am most satisfied with in my life.  I like to pretend, for a minute, that it's my last year.  And I think about on the day I take my last breath, what is it that will make me feel like, "Wow, I lived an EPIC life?" 

In today's society, it's so easy to get lost in things that honestly at the end of your life won't matter, and won't make you feel deeply satisfied.  Followers, likes, being / seeming perfect, or having a six pack and driving a Maserati is not going to make you feel complete.  That I can promise you.  I like to ask myself, "What is going to make me feel like I've really lived, like I am truly satisfied with my life?" (Again, as if I am pretending like it's my last day of life.)  Did I share a piece of my heart?  Was I of service to others in some way?  Was I able to forgive, follow my purpose and show gratitude for it all?  Looking at life like it is temporary is a great way / perspective for A. Not taking things too seriously; (Take risks! Live your dreams! Don’t clutch onto life!) and B. Knowing that this is your CHANCE to evolve or else, in the next life, you’ll end up with the same issues as before, going around in a circle and ending back at square one!  Who here has changed the scenery, the people, the situation, but the vibe/circumstance are the same!? ME! You! We all have. That's why we have this opportunity… this is OUR YEAR BABY!  No more stumbling around, squinting with fuzzy vision. This year it is clear.  We are ready to change and experience a massive shift, leaving behind what is no longer serving us. 

In other words, what do you want your legacy to be?  The prettiest or the most loving?  The most popular or the most passionate and purposeful?  What did you do for the community, your family, friends, co-workers, staff or the random person you met on the street?  At the end of the day, what gift did you give?  I am not saying you need to go out and be a shaman, guru or drop everything and volunteer for the rest of your life.  

Just be you and connect with your deeper calling.  

Connect with another person, or create a community and a positive culture, and spark joy around you.  Ignite thought, ask questions, and get curious. Immerse yourself in your passions, and those around you will be inspired.  Apply it to your business. Get excited about what you do, whatever that may be.  You will glow from the inside out.  You will create a domino effect.  You will change the world, just by lighting up and sharing that light. 

I grew up on the Outer Banks of NC and we are famous for a few things: hurricanes, the Wright Brothers who took the first flight ever, wild horses on the beach (still preserved!) and our lighthouses. We have these lighthouses that have existed forever.  Even after all of these years, they are still intact.  And I always looked at them since I was a kid, like wise monolithic monuments.  Almost like trees in a way.  Standing tall, being a LIGHT for boats out on the water who were coming in through the storms and heavy fog, unable to see.  Imagine how you would feel if you were lost at sea.  As if you had been out on the water for months trying to get to where you were going, and you can't even see.  And all of a sudden, just about when you may be on the brink of hope, you see and feel a glow flashing in the distant sky.  Imagine, how it would feel: a light, a hand, a signal.  Some direction that says, "Come this way. Here you are, you are safe. Everything is going to be okay. Let me guide you."

This gives me chills.  How many times has this happened to you in this life?  Can you rememeber?  When that person, that action, or that sign from the Universe said, "Come here, you are safe. I’ve got you."

I don’t know about you, but I have tears in my eyes. It is crystal clear that there are angels out there.  Thank God for moments like these.  Let's create more moments, environments, and safe places for people. Let's all become lighthouses, in 2020.  We will never lose hope.  And in times of darkness, we will look around and find lighthouses, and we will be able to see. 

In 2020 we ask, what does it mean to be a good person in this world?  Am I honest with the people around me?  I grew up with Southern roots where I was taught to "be a person of substance and value" over everything else.  My dad would always say to my sis and I, “Girls, it doesn’t matter what someone can do for you. It doesn’t matter the way they look or sound.  Every person you meet could be an angel in disguise.” 

This means responding to people with honesty, because we all deserve the truth.  Even if that means revealing our intuition when it doesn’t feel comfortable.  We much teach others how to treat us, by showing ourselves respect.  Self love is so important; from the inside out.  I strongly encourage you to buy yourself your own jewelry sometimes. Jewelry, massage, flowers, whatever it is that you desire, especially if you are holding out for a "special someone" to get it for you. Don’t wait. You’ll die waiting.  You are that special someone! You’ll never receive from the outside until you receive your own love and sometimes the action of doing that thing for yourself triggers a huge shift in every area of your life.   

I see a lot of people's pleasures coming to the surface and realizing that they are doing a disservice to themselves and others by not being honest with how they feel about something.   I think we all deserve respect and honesty, no matter how the person may handle it.  If it is coming from our hearts, then that is all that matters!  Never be afraid to speak your truth, or follow your heart. Don’t follow people, brands, buy products or do anything that doesn’t feel good to your soul.  Empower yourself by being real. Although it may be hard, there's a good chance that you will gain more respect from it; from yourself and from others.  You will help the other person, or company!  The world has to shift, and your attention is the number one factor in this shift. You must focus on what matters most. Be real, say it, feel it.  It will also release feelings held within your body that can end up being toxic if suppressed.

In 2020 we commit to focus our attention on the good and making a conscious effort to not to let our minds wander into places that don’t feel good.  Doing so will only create and attract those experiences. 

Negative thought / vision: “I believed it so deeply it became real.” 

Positive thought / vision: “I believed it so deeply it became real.”

During the times we trip and stumble, we were not paying attention.  We heard a message and didn’t listen because our awareness was traveling on a hamster wheel defaulting to ingrained patterns.  Our mind’s eye is like a scanner, enabling our attention is the action of zooming in on what's important.  We need to leave all the fluff behind and only focus on what matters long term vs satisfying our sweet tooth for instant gratification. We need to invest in the real thing. 

I love using jewelry as a metaphor because the true story of how I got started was that I didn’t have enough money for nice things... Or so I thought.  I was 22, living paycheck-to-paycheck, frustrated constantly because I knew I was better than this “survival mode” shit.  I loved fashion and jewelry and always saw it as a form of self expression. When I would have enough money to get myself something cute, and I would figure out a way to make it chic... but half way.  I would want something specific, but then I would settle on the cheaper version because, well,  “I had no choice."

But did I have a choice?  I made this simple shift in my mind and everything changed.  I would go to flea markets and get vintage jewelry, scarves, accessories and I would take them home where I had my workspace and tools and I would take everything apart and make it my own.  I would make my own custom shit.  Necklaces, belts, tops, whatever it was.  I would start combining pieces and sketching new designs with words around them. I would think to myself, I want to make this so badly, but I want to make it full of diamonds.  I want a woman to wear it and I want her to feel this fearlessness, or this certain magical power, with this piece on.  I want it to be solid gold because I want her to be able to do whatever the fuck she wants in it.  If she wants to dive 100 feet under the ocean, I want her to be able to, with her piece, holding that memory with her.  And I don’t want it to tarnish. I want it to last forever.  Just how I want her beauty to last forever; the beauty in her heart.  I want her to see and feel her entire life from the deepest levels of her soul - like the deepest parts of the ocean or the deepest layers of the cosmos.  The feeling of freedom, of perfect sight, is something I will make real, I thought at the time. I can see it so clearly and believe it to be true.

Well, guess what? I saw it, I felt it and I believed it in my heart.  And still do to this day. 

I have never seen myself as separate from anyone else.  Just like my dad taught us as kids. He would say, “There is nothing that separates you from anyone, not your skin, your money, your nothin’." So I always saw it this way. I am you. So can we do this???? Can we be free and limitless and live in abundance?  One of my favorite quotes of all time written by Yoko Ono and quoted by John Lennon in his last major interview, “A dream you dream alone is only a dream. A dream you dream together is reality.”

There will be times when we want to believe what “exists," but the real magic trick is to see what else is possible.


One passion of mine is quantum physics, and this is something I pour into my designs and the intention of our pieces.  We create our fine jewelry for you and for your electromagnetic field in mind!  With every layer, your vibration becomes higher.  The independent study of quantum psychics has shown me that spirituality isn’t just an intangible topic.  It is the science of the Universe. The laws of physics and nature show that you are truly limitless - you just need to come into your full actualization.  And for those of you who have been enduring tough times and experiencing challenges (we all have our own versions, trusttttt me), I have wonderful news for you. Just like a diamond that begins as coal, you must endure enough pressure to become completely actualized.  That's right!  In 2020, you continue your journey of becoming a diamond, unbreakable. 

Studying quantum psychics independently has continued to teach me how to work with the laws of energy so that I can create pure goodness. This involves visualization. 

This is the real secret behind manifesting your dream life, the one you are beginning if you not already able to see with 2020 Vision.  We must marry our thought and our emotion into one powerful force!  If the two join in our minds, then we will be able to physically move mountains.  But how?  We must ask the field (the divine matrix) in the language that the field recognizes.  The field doesn’t recognize our voice, it recognizes the power of our heart.  You could say, “Oh, I want this or that."  But is it in alignment with your heart truly desires?

Did you know that your heart creates electrical and magnetic waves?  This is science.  As we all know, everything is energy and vibration. So when you create the feeling in your heart AS IF the prayer has already been answered then the prayer will come to you.  If things aren’t manifesting for you, ask yourself, "Are my thoughts, actions, and most importantly, my HEART aligned with this?"

If the answer is no, ask your heart what it truly wants at your core.  The Universe responds to repetition and heart alignment.  In times when I have asked for something and it comes, I know it's because at my core my heart and mind are aligned with it.  Other times I have asked for something and it doesn’t come, and when digging deeper, I realized it actually wasn’t aligned with what my heart truly desires. With every piece of jewelry I own, I set an intention.  And over time, I have collected these intentions, and I layer them on my body to remind myself of what I am committed to achieving.  

Call it magic, call it science. The truth is all of this is backed up by the Laws of Quantum Mechanics which have been defined by some of the greatest geniuses of this era, such as Albert Einstein. 

With 2020 Vision, we can no longer ignore the environmental detriment we are experiencing on this planet.  We can no longer sweep these climate changes and excuses under the rug.  We need to take accountability and start making changes in our personal lives and in our communities to stop using single use plastic, and to demand changes. Changes are happening, and I am grateful for the fact that people are starting to make these shifts.  We must continue if we want our future generations to enjoy this beautiful blue planet we get to call home. When we make better choices for our body, it is reflected in our environment. For example, the more you choose to live a plant based lifestyle, the more demand there is for it and the less damage is done. If you are experiencing health issues at all, try AT LEAST cutting out dairy. Then slowly (or all at once, as you wish/feel) cut out other animal products. If you want to experience a better sense of well being, feeling, lightness, or stop crazy fluctuations in your weight, try plant based. If you want to get buff or have a lean body and feel like its completely impossible with a plant based diet, watch Game Changers. Every single action has a reaction. You are one person; you are everyone. That's what "we are all one" means. Once again, every action has a reaction.  I am so happy to see so many of my friends and members of my community healing themselves all over the world by making the changes. We all must make change and together that change is powerful.

When we awaken, our future will become our present.  In 2020 we are given a chance to create the life we desire - JUST the way we imagine it.  I can't even begin to describe the power of Belief to you. “Just believe.”  You hear it all of the time, but do you really take it into consideration? I talk about Magic often.  It is real.  And believing things into existence is magic, and it is scientific.  It is at the very basis of Quantum Physics. Believe in your future, believe in your dreams, and use the power of your 2020 Third Eye vision.  You have two eyes to look, and you have one eye to see.  What does that mean?  We “look” at things with our eyes, but we SEE things with our mind's eye.  This is why visualization is so important and why the importance and affectivity of imagination trumps reality any day.  What matters more than what is happening in the world or in your life - is your Mind.  You are creating, re-wiring and firing, as we speak.  Start creating now and the cost to do this is nothing, it is absolutely free.  All you need is your mind, and the will to want to free it.

What do you envision for 2020? If you could pick one word, what would it be?  I invite you to infuse your new piece or pieces of jewelry with that theme, that desire, and that FEELING and own it.  The moment you put it on your body, that intention becomes real.  Every time you look in the mirror or at yourself in the piece, remember your intention and hold yourself accountable for that desire.  You will ask your higher self, "Are my thoughts and actions in alignment with this desire?"

You will be reminded that the answers are within you.  You hold the key and the physicality of the jewelry reminds you of this key that is in YOUR hand, and no one else's. Every day as you wear it, it becomes a part of you. That which you have imagined is now made real. Accept it with grace. Be grateful. Everything you believe is real, and that I can promise you.

With my 2020 Vision, I can see a world of beauty and magic where we all get to participate creatively in our own way.  I see a year of positivity, prosperity, abundance, and surprises in store for you.  I am so grateful that our team shares this vision for you too as we continue to work towards adding more value and service into the lives of our beautiful clients.  We are so grateful for our extended family, YOU.  You have added so much joy and magic into our lives through your support.  We send you blessings every single day energetically because we truly want you to feel and experience your best life yet. 

Once you have tapped into the crystal clear 2020 Vision, there is no turning back.  You will begin to look at the world through new eyes with increased possibilities.  You will become a lighthouse not only for others, but for YOURSELF.  You will use your rituals (journaling/writing down your affirmations, saying them out loud, visualizations, dream boarding, all of these tools are your own lighthouse guides to your own soul).  Once you have mastered marrying your thoughts and emotions through this repetition, you will begin to see your dreams actualized in real time, almost like dreaming while awake.  To many this may seem impossible, but to those who truly understand the power of belief and magic they will be free in this new decade of ultimate truth and awakening.  Your 2020 Vision begins now.

-The Diamond Mind

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