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Clean Queen Beauty

Clean Queen Beauty

Did you know that using products with harsh chemicals can alter your DNA and that of your future partner and children? According to epigenetics, everything we consume in our minds and bodies will alter your genealogy, which means the future generation. Clean beauty has changed my life and skin. I feel like a goddess when I embrace my beauty and self-care rituals because I know I am doing the right thing for my body, which is a reflection of Gaia, our Mother Earth.  

You see, our bodies have an ecosystem just like the planet does. When we use toxic chemicals on our skin and eat processed foods we create distress in our ecosystem, causing aging.  Do you throw trash on the ground? If you are a classy goddess most likely the answer is no, absolutely not. You respect the planet and you realize what you do comes back. Do you rub trash on your skin? Well, you may and not even know it. Chemicals actually cause aging. You are nature… so why would you need a bunch of chemicals in a fancy jar to stay young looking? 


In fact, most of the beauty industry is a giant SPELL in the way it is advertised. Yes I said it, a spell. YOU NEED THIS CREAM (or you will look old and wrinkled).  YOU NEED THIS SERUM in order to have a glow. You need this under eye cream… to look young and well rested. The truth is, you need to love yourself and stop getting manipulated by marketing. Several years ago I began to realize what was happening. I started learning about how we are being told and sold mental constructs and beliefs. I am not aging, that is a construct of the mind that I was programmed to believe. I started to notice that I was being sold things that were telling me I was not enough vs things to bring out my best self. There are two different types of marketing here - one is EMPOWERING YOU to feel good, whether you buy them or not. It is respecting your relationship with nature and recognizing that together WITH nature you can stay fresh, balanced, and youthful. That todays environmental conditions and stress can cause our skin to get out of its alignment, and this can help balance it so you can be your best most bright self. The other is saying, “You won't be good unless you do this.”  Don't be a sheep / zombie / drone.  Refuse to be hypnotized and instead look at what is really happening here.   

What I have found is sometimes that the simpler the product, the better. Less ingredients is best. For example when I go to Europe, I can eat bread and things I wouldn't normally eat in the US because everything is so SIMPLE. The salads are more simple, sauces. In Italy when you order a salad, they bring you olive oil and balsamic. And vegetables fresh from a garden. It's so easy, yummy, and fresh - and it shows in your skin! Same goes with skin - like our Rose Water Aura cleanser and face tonic. It is amazing how something so simple and fresh can make such a difference in your mood and skin. All of the skin products (which I have listed at the end of this) I use are simple. Can you believe some people still go to CVS and buy into stuff that isn’t even good for us? The type of products that you flip over to the back and there is a whole paragraph of ingredients that are all lab created?  Or even in malls, beauty counters are becoming less and less appealing to the masses because people are starting to wake up.  Opting for smaller brands with smaller batched products seems to feel more right, you know what I mean? It's food for your skin, which is alive. Eating dead / processed food is no good. Using products that are produced on a mass scale and filled with chemicals you don’t recognize, is no good. This goes with anything: if has a TV commercial, stay away.

When your skin is fresh and glowing it's like a garden in its prime, it beams in the light. At night your skin needs rest - again it is alive - so when you sleep at night it goes into regeneration. When you don’t sleep your skin lacks its luster… because it didn’t get its daily medicine, which is beauty sleep.  Skin is the largest organ in the body and everything it is exposed to gets absorbed internally, like when harsh chemicals are sprayed into the atmosphere which effects our ecosystem like a ripple effect. The look of your skin is not only determined by what you’re putting on it; it’s also determined by your level of happiness, ease, and your digestion. Are you clearing the energy? How are you digesting life?

Dermatologists are only looking at your skin on a surface level and don’t usually ask what you’re eating or what’s going on in your mind. The dermatology industry is a lot like psychiatry, both declining with this New Era. They usually want to give you a pill or a cream to blanket a symptom of something much deeper inside of you, and they rarely almost never help you get to the root. My mission is to guide you to the root. They went to medical school for many years to get certificates to provide band aids, which don’t cause any real deep transformation, leaving you frustrated that a “doctor” can’t change your skin or your mind. That is your job. You are your own best healer. Plus big pharma funds the text books that the doctors study, so of course they are going to teach and engrain that sort of mindset. Chemicals. You are nature... need I repeat. When choosing products, it’s best to listen to your intuition and not what others tell you to do. My eating habits would not work for the vessel of my best friend. Nor would hers work for mine. Everyone has to create their own methods, since every human, like ones fingerprint, is divine and unique. 

Due to what we have done to our ozone layer, our skin is more exposed to harmful rays that we would normally have been protected from.  Almost every girl I know searches for the best way to get a tan without damaging their delicate skin, so we turn to self tanner. This is smart. However, there are ones with a ton of chemicals. Choose organic/natural products when it comes to this. Most major cities have organic spray tans available. I have been going to Chocolate Sun in Santa Monica for years. Whenever I go on a beach trip, I want to get a glow first so that I won’t be tempted to go sun crazy. When it comes to sun exposure, also be sure that you are drinking lots of whatever to stay hydrated, as well as using sunscreen with SPF (minus the harsh chemicals). Continue to moisturize after time in the sun to keep your skin quenched and refreshed. The reason you look so dewy and magical in tropical settings is because of the moisture in the air - so try and create that for your skin when you get out of the bath or shower! 

It is important to realize that just because a celebrity is slapped on a marketing campaign doesn’t mean it's any good. It means the PAY was good. Chances are the celebrity is in the know, and using boutique natural products. 

None of the brands I post here have a TV commercial. These are all brands and products I handpicked because I have used them and they have changed my life / beauty routine / health. I invest in what is best for me because I know I deserve it and YOU SHOULD FEEL THE SAME WAY, Queen. Yes…. you. YOU deserve the best. Need I repeat myself?!?! YOU! 

I invite you most importantly to follow you intuition and do what is best for you- whether it is one or more of these products or not. But I ask you…. (Don't make me beg) to switch over your toothpaste to natural. The stuff (if it's not natural) you use in both deodorant and toothpaste is horrible for your system- your liver and your lymphatic system... and even worse, it causes calcification to your pineal gland - which is the most sacred part of your brain. This causes brain fog and a block to your intuition. All at the price of smelling good? There is no excuse for this when there are SOO many amazing clean products on the market.   

Listen, I know what you are thinking, “I've tried natural deodorant and it doesn’t work." Or "One time I tried some natural toothpaste and it was gross." Well guess what, think again. The market has been flooded, and there are brands that DO work. And also, you don’t need to smell like a fake Febreze rose everyday. Your mouth does not need to taste like Splenda every time you brush, or burn after you rinse. 

Stop being SOLD. You know what I am taking about… Lady Speed Stick. Don't make me call you out right now, Dove wearer. Or you, boyfriend of the goddess reading this, you Old Spice or Axe wearer. Go right now, and throw it away. Order a new one and STINK while you wait for it. Here's the thing, you are a HUMAN. You don’t need to smell perfect every 5 seconds. And by the way, you aren’t supposed to either!  Once you start eating more clean & in a conscious direction, watch what happens. You will barely even smell.  Whoever loves you will love you even if you are slightly stinky.  And if they don't, they aren’t a real friend or adequate partner for you.  Quit being ashamed of being human. 

The thing to remember is, you don't NEED anything to feel beautiful. You simply need to FEEL beautiful on the inside and realize you are worthy of feeling your best.  Most of the these brands I have listed are female owned by very passionate Queens, who are obsessed with you feeling and looking your best - therefor they contain additional magic :) Your beauty rituals will further deepen your relationship and respect you have for yourself, and for the planet. With a little more self care and consideration for our environment, we will make this world a better, and cleaner place.


Stay Golden,



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