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How to Thrive During Uncertain Times

How to Thrive During Uncertain Times

I would like to start out by saying that you, yes you, are a brave soul. You should be extremely proud of yourself that you have made it this far. I mean that in a big way. You are a warrior, who decided to come to planet earth during this massive awakening and great shift in consciousness.  Things are changing permanently, both physically and metaphysically. Some things will go back, but many will change forever.  
What an incredible time to be alive. I'll say it again, you took on a huge undertaking. You are a badass.  
You actually signed up for this. Isn’t that crazy? Many of us have been saying, often jokingly to others or ourselves, "I didn't sign up for this!” But we did!  We all act surprised, but this was coming. We have been sweeping things under the rug for way too long.  Now is the time we wake up and take back our own power as individuals and as a species. 

It gives me chills to think about how greatly connected we are. You and I are not separate at all. We are in the same family. We are each a unique patch on a massive quilt, all delicately intertwined. One small stitch affects the entire quilt. It is time that we realize how we are all in this together; plants, animals and humans. We are all inhabitants on this big beautiful blue planet that we are so lucky to call our home.
Mother Earth is a living, breathing organism who will shift and flow in the direction needed for her own self-preservation. Many people say, “We better watch out, we will destroy our planet.”  Well that is not the case — it’s actually quite the opposite. The planet, "Mama Gaia," will destroy us first before we destroy her out of self-preservation. Many have heard her cry, while others have ignored her pleas to humanity to clean up our act. She loves us greatly, but she will not tolerate our abusive behavior any longer. We must respect that. We must respect ourselves. We must respect one another. 
I have complied a list of ways to increase your prana (vital energy) and raise your vibration during this great shift we are experiencing. The truth is, what we are seeing on TV is downright scary and heartbreaking.  People are sick and many are dying. People have lost their jobs and have no idea when or where they will be able to start back up. There is an unbelievable amount of uncertainly among us. But there is one thing for certain — we have to change. It is time to change our beliefs and actions.  We need to alter our systems, lifestyles, and tap into our core — our souls — instead of continuing to feed our ego’s addiction to wanting more. We must invest in what is pure, on a physical and metaphysical level. We must have patience in where we invest our energy (money and focus) instead of wanting instant gratification. Love over lust. Purpose over popularity. Soul over ego. We must seek for the truth in all things. We must go back to our roots and study the sacred cultures and traditions of our past to see where we got off track. We must come together, now more than ever.



“The only way out is in.” I can attest to this, and I am sure MANY of us can. The fact is, we can run, hide, and try anything to attempt to get away from our “problems,” but the fact is they will only get bigger. We must face them head-on, look them in the eye, and love them. Instead of self-loathing and being extra critical, let's take this time to forgive ourselves. The gentler we are to ourselves, the more kind and graceful we become with others. 

Meditation is a practice that will change your life. We as a society are always looking outside for solutions to our problems. It doesn’t help that every time you turn on the TV there is a new pharmaceutical being advertised to fix your issues.  The problem is those are only band aids and never get to the real issue, which could be fixed with self-reflection, discipline, and the will and desire to find a solution.
You see, every single issue, whether it be mental or physical, has a metaphysical root. We begin to heal our minds by allowing them a break from running all of the time.  There are so many methods of meditation, which can be combined with your own version of prayer or mantra. I like to mix up my meditations based on where my intuition guides me. Download the Insight Timer App to time your meditations and discover guided meditations and other tools to expand your awareness. 

Meditation is one of the methods we must use for us to reprogram our subconscious mind to align with what we truly desire in life. Allow this to become a ritual in your life that you begin to crave. Even if you only have 5 minutes, you can connect with your breath and visualize the highest version of yourself as well as your goals and desires. The key is to imagine your life and self as if it already exists. The longer you can hold on to this, the better. Again, even if you only have a few minutes, allow yourself to sit and be grateful for what you have now. This will attract more abundance into your life. You can also imagine yourself going about your day and the way you would like it to unfold.
“Our brains have the power and capacity to grant us happiness, strength, and health. The Wim Hof method can not only help us endure pain like intense cold, but it can also help us confront our emotions in a spiritual way. In this crazy time, we rarely find the time to do this, but taking a moment to center yourself and focus on breathing is essential to living a balanced life and clearing your mind.” - Lewis Howes
Wim Hof’s method is very relevant to our current world where our minds and immune systems are being tested daily.  It is a 3-pillar system based on implementing cold therapy, breathing techniques, and commitment (to practicing the first two).  This method allows us to control our strength, happiness, health and also allows us to tap into all layers of our immune system. In a time where health concerns are top of mind, I urge you to look into Wim Hof’s practices. Check out his interview with Joe Rogan by clicking here and visit his website for further info! 


Expand Your Skill Set

The future of the “new world” is looking very creative. Pretty soon we will be a cashless society. Currency as we know it is going to change in a big way. One thing I suggest is to start looking not at your bank account for your “worth,” but instead look at your skills. How valuable are you in what you offer to yourself, your family and community? Do you have skills, talents, morals/values, and positive energy to bring to situations? What areas are you well versed in? What are you PASSIONATE about? Are you adaptable? Do you have emotional intelligence? In that case, you are extremely valuable. You are more than a number. How can you use this time to boost your value by engaging in activities that widen your skill set creatively, intellectually and spiritually? Emotional intelligence is something that is being tested in a big way. Whether you have a big bank account or not, you must have emotional intelligence, which is something money cannot buy. It's time to expand your skillset in the areas that you are passionate about and figure out ways that you can add more value to what you do. Get creative. Do things you normally wouldn’t do and mix them into your routine.


Create a Wellness Routine

I truly cannot stress this enough. Routines and rituals keep us balanced and moving forward. There are little things you can do daily that will alter the course of your life. For example, in the morning within the first 20 minutes of waking up, visualize yourself in your highest state. You can start by listing what you are grateful for. Even if you don’t get up and meditate, you can do it while you wake up. I like to first smile and whisper the words, “thank you” right when I begin to wake up. Thank people, things, and situations in your mind. Gratitude is the seed of abundance. Create fertile soil in your mind for your garden which is growing, even when you can't see it yet. Visualize you going about your day, the exact way you would like it to go. Those first 20 minutes are the most magical of your day, aside from the moments right before you drift into sleep which are just as powerful in manifestation. After I get up, I go on a walk for an hour at least and I bring my coffee or tea with me. I cannot express the difference this ritual has made in my life. These structures promote mental awareness and decrease anxiety. Why? They show ourselves that despite what we may not be able to control, we are in control of our own lives in some way. This is magic.  

As for physical fitness, we must again show ourselves how we feel about our bodies by dedicating at least a little bit of time to staying fit. By working out, we are honoring our mental and physical bodies, and showing our gratitude. 

I love how viral all of the fitness content has been on social media! I even see moms using their kiddos as weights for squats, etc. There are a million and one workouts online — even free yoga classes and workout routines are being offered on YouTube and by fitness influencers and instructors. You don’t even need weights! There are things around your house you can use. As for me, I am over here using some marble book ends for certain exercises. I have a yoga mat, some ankle weights, and I just so happen to have a kettle bell. Now is the time for brain and booty growth! Get a sweat in, it will change your entire perspective on everything! A habit takes 21 days to create. Now is your chance to not only create a new habit, but even better, a new IDENTITY around health and wellness. The people that are being most effected by the virus are those that are in poor health. We must support one another by encouraging self-care. Physical fitness boosts confidence and changes the way we see ourselves. When we decide to stay fit, we show ourselves respect. How we treat ourselves is connected with how we treat the planet. Let’s change the game together! You don’t have to train every day – or even break a sweat. Go on a walk through your neighborhood (if permitted) and appreciate nature. Listen to an audio book or call a loved one. Change your state – that’s what it’s all about. We have to literally change of our physical state and cellular structure – through moving our bodies (at the Tony Robbins Business Mastery Program we would take dance breaks or jump up and down), taking a cold shower (I also highly recommend – coming from a girl who can’t stand being cold!) or deep breathing. We have to get the energy to flow so we can GROW!


Mindful Eating & Immune Support

Healthy eating and nutrition are key to thinking clearly, keeping immune system strong, and building self-confidence. Eating predominately plant-based will change your skin, your digestion (your digestion is directly correlated to the condition of your skin), your mind power, physical energy, and emotional intelligence. It is a known fact that when you start eating a more plant focused diet you will experience less anxiety (no longer taking on the stress of other once living beings), you will feel more relaxed, and experience less brain fog. And I don’t just mean choosing pasta and pizza all of the time (which you should do sometimes!), I mean fruits and vegetables. You will feel fuller and more nourished. Your skin will start to glow in a way it didn’t before. Leaning more towards plant-based is a LIFESTYLE, not a DIET. Diets are temporary, and the word diet seems restrictive and unattractive to our subconscious mind. Also, look at the word DIE-t. We need to eat for LIFE (LIFEstyle), not to DIE(t). 

Eating a full spectrum of colors is key. It's easy to get caught in the routine of eating the same things all of the time, but the key to success in health and wellness is in color and variety. Just like in your romantic routines, you need variety in order for it to thrive. You have got to mix things up in your food choices in order to keep your immune system on its toes - and with same with your partner to keep it engaged!

All mainstream and pharmaceutical medicines are treating symptoms, not preventing them. Taking the right herbs especially plays a key role in staying strong and preventing disease in the body. For example, adaptogens are natural substances considered to help the body adapt to stress and exert a normalizing effect on bodily processes. They are so magical since they are able to adapt to each person and create harmony in the body. My favorite one for mental stability and stress management is Ashwagandha, which has changed my life and created more mental/hormonal stability  –  and my blood tests are evidence of that. Other super herbs that keep the immune system strong are Reishi Mushrooms, Cordyceps, Astragalus (I recommend Addictive Wellness for these as they are the most pure) and Propolis by Beekeeper's Naturals. They can be added to your coffee, smoothies, yogurt, etc! 

It’s easy to move towards comfort foods during this time, and you absolutely should at times! It’s important not to restrict and remember to nourish your body, mind and spirit. Sometimes that might mean a couple scoops of ice cream or slice of pizza! Taste it, enjoy it, and don’t feel bad about it. Allow yourself to indulge, but then go back to what you know is best for your mental and physical body – especially during a time where your immune system needs to be on point! Also, there are SO many alternatives to make your favorite comfort foods in a healthier way. For example, there are yummy vegan ice creams, or you could make your own “nice cream” using frozen bananas, cacao, plant-based milk, and even some mint if you are like me and loooove mint chocolate chip! You can make healthier versions of mac n’ cheese with vegan cheese and grain-free noodles. The possibilities are endless! My favorite food/wellness Instagram accounts to follow which offer a ton of recipes and ideas are @elissagoodman and @earthyandy for the yummiest vegan treats and meals and @drmarkhyman for the “Pegan” diet (mostly plant-based but with some animal protein). 

Did you know that each color of fruit or vegetable connects with your chakras (energy centers of your body)? For example, if you are working on strengthening your root chakra (your groundedness, sexual energy, thrive-mode vs. survival-mode thinking), then you should eat red or root vegetables? White Potatos and sweet potatoes keep me grounded and feeling more safe and “in my body”. Yellow foods (bananas, yellow squash, etc.) will enhance your self-worth and your solar plexus chakra (third energy center). Blueberries and blue algae will enhance/purify your third eye chakra, or intuitive energy center, which is indigo colored. Think about how Rainbow Moonstones, which are predominantly blue/purple, enhance your intuition. Are you starting to see how everything is so deeply connected in our world?  


Limit Media Time

Limit your news intake. Fear lowers your vibration. When you lower your vibration, your immune system suffers, making you more susceptible to illnesses. As we all know, social media can be extremely distracting. It can also be very damaging to our minds. There is no doubt that we all have been affected both negatively and positively by social media. Let's start with the positives: Social media can be an incredible way to share your positivity and your gifts with the world. The ability to connect with the world wide WEB of humanity is a groundbreaking tool for sharing and spreading connection, joy, and service. I am so grateful for the incredible accounts and people I follow and for my “feed” truly inspires me. I am grateful for our followers and those that encourage and motivate us to keep creating. That is what it is all about! Sharing. 

We also have the negative repercussions of social media. We have all been affected by the side of social media that perpetuates the idea that women need to be a certain way to be accepted. Instead, praise yourself, and your friends and loved ones. This is a cool way to stay in touch and lift each other up. But really and truly, you are perfect the way you are and none of us need to change ourselves (unless it’s your own decision) to be “cool," pretty or accepted.  I encourage you to unfollow (with love) accounts that make you feel bad or that are uninspiring to you. The way to do this is to allow your intuition to guide you to accounts that will add value to your life, and to disengage from the ones that do not. Only you know what this means for you. Limit your social media intake and set a daily time limit. At least once a week, try to turn off your phone completely for a couple of hours and engage in something that you’ve been meaning to do. Read, write, whatever it may be. It is an extremely freeing feeling and it is so important to recharge your own batteries too!
We also consume our news through news channels and websites. Think about it, who runs the media? The people who own the media companies. Who owns the media companies? The people with top dollars. Unfortunately, in this older world (which we are in the process of disengaging from) money runs the show. Yes, there is an actual puppet show going on behind the scenes. We have no idea what is real and what is not, because money is manipulating it all. The reason they are called news “channels” is because when you “subscribe” to them with your attention, you are feeding it with your energy. (Reminder: your attention/energy is the most valuable currency you will ever own). The shows are able to continue through commercials.  If you haven’t noticed already, they are mostly run by big pharma.

 Big pharma makes lots of money off of your problems. They offer you a “quick fix,” which usually results in more issues. Another thing that happens is that when you see these commercials and this negative news, you start to accept it as reality, which is the most dangerous part of it all. I remember being a kid and my dad would have the TV on before dinner. I would come downstairs and look at this box hanging on the wall with two old men yelling at each other. I asked my dad if this was a drama or a comedy. He said neither; it was politics. I thought to myself, these old men look like some of the kids on the playground, arguing over the ball. I never subscribed to it because something inside of me always said it was somewhat fake, divided, and unproductive. Things are finally about to change… let’s watch it unfold. One of my favorite mottos of all is, “TV is expensive. The price is your mind." Feed your mind with positivity, joy, inspiration and steer clear of violence, anger, sadness, and drama. Your subconscious mind is always listening. Ever watch a sad, scary, or violent movie or show and then go to bed after? How did you sleep that night? You had weird dreams and didn’t get a full rest. You deserve angelic sleep… you Angel! Engage your mind with as much positivity as possible and you will change your entire outlook on life. You will become more and more free!


Make Room for Your Dreams 

Clean out your space and get rid of things that don’t spark joy. Create a vision board with pictures, words, and phrases that resonate with your higher self, purpose, goals and dreams. Make sure you put it somewhere you can see it often. If you haven’t read Marie Kondo’s book or heard of her method, check it out. It will literally change your entire world. Get rid of clothes that you don’t wear, even the ones still tagged. Bag the guilt and pass it on to someone who will cherish them.  Make room for the new. I recently had a Feng Shui specialist come to my house and shift the energy around.  It has been a game changer.  She made little tweaks to my house and the flow of objects, furniture and colors that changed everything for me. Believe it or not, you have different sections of your home that represent different aspects of your life, and with small revisions, you can change that area of your life and create expansion.    

In this time of uncertainty, it is easy to be consumed by fear or to feel a loss of control of your life and of the future. Recognize this feeling and shift your thinking.  You are in control of how you respond.  We have been given this time to pause and reflect. Many of us will look back on this time when we felt removed and helpless and see that this is where the transformation really started, both within ourselves and within our society. I will say it one more time, what an incredible time to be alive!  
So many things are changing. There are many parts of our world and societal structures that are being rebuilt, but they first have to be broken down. Trust that what is happening is for a higher purpose. I know it is hard when every time we hear the news it is of devastation. But you need to believe. Believe in the plan and the higher calling. Believe in yourself. Use this time to look within and to truly make a change in yourself and in your life where it needs it. You deserve this time to re-ignite your fire. Whether alone, with a loved one, or with your family, you are exactly where you are supposed to be. 
Stay safe and Stay Golden,


Start raising your vibration. Download our personal development worksheet here.

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