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It's All a Balancing Act...

It's All a Balancing Act...

If you don't take it from me, your local healer, or from your higher self...

Take it from #Gucci ;)


   This planet began harmoniously balanced like the ying and the yang- the masculine and feminine.  Since then, our world continues to be in an unbalanced state.  In our minds and bodies it is important to connect and express both masculine and feminine energies.  

    I remember when I was first introduced to the ying-yang in the 90's.  I was in middle school.  I thought it meant peace, which it does.... Peace exists within balance. Male and female, black and white. We wouldn't exist without one another. How would you see the stars without that pitch black night sky? So why is there so much rejection amongst one another on this plane currently, when we were made to coexist in harmony? 

   Another example of a major fluctuation of energy is the stock market. It's a constant state of confusion, and a roller coaster of extremes. Constantly changing and struggling to find balance.   Becoming aware of the rules and structures of this game we are all playing in the third and forth dimension is a ticket out of the third, leading you to the higher dimensions of your mind - such as the forth dimension.  

   On this third dimensional plane, the Masculine and Feminine energies have become much out of balance.  We see this imbalance in our environment it is becoming more polarizing.  The change needs to start within us.  Transforming our thoughts and actions to become more equalized, less chaotic, and more open and sensitive to others.

   So what is the 4th dimension?  This is where your higher self rests. You are there when you go to sleep, and when you dream. It's with you always, but you just haven't been aware of it. Most people don't even understand the rules or explore them because they are too wrapped up in moving between the past and the future.  This limits them from spending any time, or moment of conscious time in NOW. The present. Being.


   Have you ever played a game that you didn't know the rules to? How did you do?  Guess what the biggest game on this planet is?  The one most of us don't know the rules to... Relationship.

   The art of Relationship is understanding of masculine and feminine energy. Not just talking about bodies- men vs. woman, husband vs. wife, lover... etc. I am speaking about your nature and your expression of your personal masculine and feminine creative energy. Without knowing and understanding these concepts and how these energies work, we become unbalanced. 

On this 3D plane, the masculine and feminine don't really communicate on the same wavelength.  Is this something you have noticed? It actually makes sense; let me explain by using geometry to paint the picture. No, I am not going to give you an equation... 

   Masculine energy is created by angles and straight lines. Female energy is made up of expansive swirls and curves, like circular shapes, moving very fast. Just like the way fractals expand and shift at all times in a fluid motion. Masculine energy is slower and more dull. For every 1 point of energy a masculine energy produces, a female energy does 3.5 times that. While female energy is fluid and can do say 28 things at once, masculine energy says "go down a straight line, and then move from there." A to B. Female energy does understand A to B, but it is not a simple straight path from one to the other.  It's a creative more fluid motion. 


   Relationship in every aspect- not just people. Relationship in every single thing that surrounds you. How you perceive is very basic and affects your experience of your surroundings and others. Many of us know and understand Relationship, generally speaking, because of those outside of us have taught us certain rules that they live by based on their experiences. "This is how you should do it.  You should say this, mean this, act like this, be this... this is right, and this is wrong."  

   I have learned along my journey that in most cases this is not truth. You have been conditioned, since you were little, to be, act, think, feel, do, and react certain ways that are out of alignment of what you REALLY want deep down. And that isn't neccesarlity your fault! People (in most cases) do the best they can due to their own life path teachings, environments, and circumstances.

   What you do have control over, however, is how you move forward from here. And that means stripping the mind down, getting naked so to speak (of the mind). This can be uncomfortable. We have built up so many walls and masks to protect ourselves. Over time, these layers upon layers of defense mechanisms have been diluting our truth.  Our true and higher selves.  And it's time to start fresh. YES!!! It's time to learn the REAL rules of the game... the rules of TRUTH. Of love. Of life, minus the ego.

   The third dimension is conditional. In this third dimension, the concept of "unconditional" doesn't actually exist. Unconditional begins in the present moment, in the NOW, in 4D. As I said before, we are are living in 3D and 4D at the same time. It is our conscious, or unconscious, choice to live in one or the other. 

   Masculine energy without any female energy isn't complete- it doesn't feel nurtured, appreciated or valued. I am not saying men, yet I am. I'm talking about masculine energies as a whole. Same goes for female. I am not talking about females, yet I am. We have both feminine and masculine energies whether you are a male or female human. Female energy without masculine isn't whole either. It doesn't feel complete, focused, stable, or grounded.  It is scattered. There is no sense of success. 

    When the two together are in balance, transcendence occurs. The code is complete, unlocking you to other dimensional realities. 

   Now we are going to look at what imbalance looks like so we know it when we see it in ourselves. Take this example and apply it to your own creative energies:

    When a masculine energy is overly strong, it is overcompensating.  Meaning, it feels it is not good enough. When it is in fear and when it has been given the message that it isn't good enough or worth anything, it becomes imbalanced. We are forever searching for balance in our lives, thus in our energy fields. We always, without even realizing it, pick energies that will balance our energies somehow. But if OUR energies are off balance, then we will continue to attract that which also imbalances. There is always a giver and a receiver and vise versa.

 To balance, the masculine energy will demonstrate a false strength (this may result in physicality as well.. hence overly matcho masculine energies). It puffs itself up and communicates in a controlling sort of way, "I have these big giant plans for us.  I know what I am doing - follow me." When a female is weak, overly timid and un-grounded, she will find this inflated masculine energy as a match. The law of attraction is ALWAYS responding to the signal that we put out.

    For some, one is more dominant than the other.  If you are overly masculine, then you are very protective and aggressive. Yes, that protective warrior in nature is ESSENTIAL. You don't want to be at the complete opposite end of the spectrum- which would be a doormat!  However, you need to have compassion, creativity, and a  sweet, sweet love that a female energy carries! 

   According to yoga philosophy, this is Shiva (masculine) and Shakti (feminine). It's just a different word. It's all the same concepts. Just different ways of explaining the same exact things. 

   I will say it again, despite our gender which we identify with, we are really made up of both female and male energies.  When we fail to acknowledge this part of our energetic make up, and an imbalance occurs, we feel out of whack. You could be working on your physical health- by staying fit and eating right, but if you don't pay attention to these energies, you will still feel off.  

   You will be confused and ask yourself "What is wrong with me? Everything seems to be okay? But I dont FEEL right! I feel sick, I feel tired. Something is off and I can't put my finger on it..."

   It is below the surface of your cells. It is the intention and energies that are the fabric of your cells. Before that it is the intention behind their make up. You are a master creator. You are EXTREMELY powerful....  You need to know and believe that you are in control.   It is not too late to Wake up. Acknowledge your power. You, yes you, are superwoman or man. That is your super conscious mind...... own it! We come from female and male, despite certain chromosomes being more one or the other. We come from both equally. 

   The female energy channel is on the left side of the physical body. The masculine channel is on the right. Have you ever noticed that you are more sensitive to pain on the left? If you haven't yet you will start noticing...

   The masculine energy in our solar system is symbolized by the sun, and the feminine the moon. The contrast between the two allow for the birth of creation. 

   The goal here is to bridge this gap which leads us to pure self-realization and bliss. When you balance your energies, you are able to attract another balanced energetic being. When two balanced beings join together, a whole new experience is in creation. This is why it's so important to work on your SELF. If you are constantly seeking outside of yourself for answers or fulfillment you will miss the point.  You are ignoring the signs.  You will never reach the destination of which you ACTUALLY seek, which is Love. Fulfillment. Joy. Bliss. You have been mislead, you have been given a skewed set of rules to this game of life and of relationships.

   A new *balanced* male is emerging. He is strong, He is aware. He is also sensitive. He is in touch with his emotions. He doesn't try to suppress them- he expresses them. He doesn't bottle them up and swallow them- he feels them!  This male is not afraid to be vulnerable.  He is not afraid of rejection.  He is able to show his true self without fear.  This is the new sexy.  He is comforting and powerful by displaying feminine energies.  The new female (and male) is attracted to this type of man, because she herself is balanced. So naturally, she intends to attract her mirror- another half that is balanced. The YING to her YANG. 

   A new *balanced* female is emerging. Let me paint you this picture of her: she is a goddess. She is confident, strong, yet she is delicate and sensitive in her nature. She is like a rose- she has strength and protection in her thorns.  Her flower is so delicate and beautiful.  She unfolds herself at a natural pace and reveals more and more of her beauty and wisdom. She lives by the pace of the universe. She doesn't show you everything at once!!! That would kill the magic!

   We as humans are simply a physical manifestation of life expressing itself. You are not your body. You are your spirit. Your body is simply a vehicle that your spirit inhabits. It's like a temporary home. You and your car are not the same. Your car gets you from A to B physically. Same with your body. 

   This is why it is important to be unattached to your body. LOVE it - because it is your current home. But don’t get too attached because it has nothing to do with your true essence. You may be female or male, but you are physically attracted to the opposite or you like the same. Or a combination! Really you are attracted to energy- and energy is not strictly female or male - it is a MIX! 

   The more you label yourself and your feelings, you box yourself in. No one likes to be stuck in a box- that is a FACT. There are no straight lines in nature... everything is open, like a circle- creative and fluid like the sacred geometry of feminine energy.

   As we shift into a newer, upgraded technology on a physical level, it parallels with our higher state of consciousness.  Cars will learn to drive themselves. Just the way we will learn to drive our thoughts into immediate action and therefore, manifestation . The driver and the vehicle merge. 

   I love merging different energies in my jewelry making.  Mixing gold, which is a masculine element, with lunar symbols, such as moons and stars, merges the feminine with the masculine.  Silver is a female element.  In my opinion, silver looks balanced when it's heavier, in a more masculine sort of design.  

   We are all attracted to different types of metals, different stones, textures, etc.  Listen to these instincts, for the energies you are seeking may just restore the best balance in you.  

   My intention is to help you, and show you the way out of this entrapment. My intention is to guide you to create  your whole new world. The door is waiting for you... there is a path leading up to it. I never said the beginning of the path is easy.  There are many things that will jump out at you and try to stop you from going in the direction of this door- this new WORLD. I am here to remind you to KEEP going. Keep walking- no matter what. The taste of freedom is closer than you think. Once you get through the weeds, and the bumpy roads, things get easier.  I promise!

  You become stronger. You have faith in where you are going.  Don't let fear stop you. Don't let it get in your way. You are strong. You are a lion! You carry on, regardless of those that will try to distract, attack.  Just laugh it off. No one can stop you when you take affirmative action and DECIDE. We are all going to this same place.  Some of us have have had a taste... it's truly beautiful and magical. It's like nothing you have ever seen or felt before. There are no words, no labels to describe it. It's a whole new world.

Come with me. Come meet me. I will be waiting for you! 


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  • Sofia

    Pure magic and wisdom. <3

  • Teya

    All of your blog posts are so inspiring and well written. Please keep writing, you’re blowing my minddd !! Your impact is huge, I want to learn more about what you have to say on astrology, manifesting , astrophysics, creating your dream life. You are so inspiring Logan??

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