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Taking Your Power Back

Taking Your Power Back

  Two years ago, I woke up at 3 in the morning. Channeling. I ran downstairs shaking. I sat down on the couch and started writing. I wrote something that came out of me with a vengeance. A voice that came with her fists up and a hurricane behind her. 150 mph winds and cyclones. She said she had had enough. Enough of the abuse, the deceit, the lies - all of it. She thought she had made herself clear before, but nothing had really changed. “Every single woman inside of me is tired.” I wrote. It was Gaia, Mother Earth, all women. We are done. This planet is OUR Mother. And if you aren’t going to respect her, that’s your choice, but that choice comes with a hefty price to pay. 

  The time is now, the world is changing. Women and men all over the world are taking their power back and slowly but surely gaining mental freedom. It's a wave of energy that is sweeping over our entire planet. It's absolutely beautiful, and incredible time to be alive.

----I've been on a journey of unplugging and taking my power back for a while. Personal power of mine that was drained by various sources over the course of my life- included, but not limited to men, the Matrix aka "the system", and various forms of abuse. Let me explain what I mean by unplugging. Imagine you are a house with many electrical sockets inside of you. When you plug something into a socket, you are borrowing electricity to power whatever it is… right? So if you are a home, abusers (mental, sexual, emotional) are coming over uninvited, and draining your power without your permission. They are plugging into all of your electrical sockets, and it is draining you of energy. Here's what you have to do... evict them. Unplug them. Cut the energetic cords… because you are being drained by things that you may not even know about or remember. But your energy does. How do you do this?   

  When you stand up and express your truth, you allow freedom to enter. Whoever critiques you is not free themselves. They are still in shackles. They cannot see from your perspective because they have bars in front of their eyes blocking the way. You have a view of an entire blue sky and a sunny day. They can only see a metal wall.  They have a key in their hand and can decide to break out of this mental prison and fly too, and hopefully one day they will, but you cannot wait. You must fly freely and not ever look back. 

  You don’t have to be ashamed of your body. You don’t have to hurt yourself any longer because you took your power back.  Now you are learning how to cut off unhealthy relationships. You are rewiring your whole system. You are reprogramming your subconscious mind. There is nothing more to crave because you are fulfilled.  You are fearless, loved, beautiful and ready to be heard.  You are free, unstoppable, and unbreakable.  

  Once you have taken your power back, you are now free to express your creative energy/sexuality in a healthy way, however that may look. The more you do this, the more safe you make the world. Why? Because then everyone feels safe being themselves.  They feel comfortable expressing their creativity. Sex is creation. Therefore, creative energy is technically sexual energy. This is innate; we are born with this, yet we were told it was wrong and bad. 

  Essentially we have been told nature was wrong.  And that we should be ashamed of ourselves and our bodies. That is very upside down. We are fixing this false belief instilled in our society now. Nature is correct.  Nature is always correct. You choose organic over processed, don’t you? Organic is nature. You are organic. You are sexual. You are a creative forcefield. Your body is literally magic. It’s made of stardust and it has the power to do anything. However, you are not your body. The real YOU is simply energy. The same energy that makes up everything else. You are not separate. You are a part of the collective. We are one. 

  There are many different kinds of parasites in life who continue to feed off of your energy until you are at a point where you are ready to be free. Let me break it down for you:

  Instead of thinking of sexual predators as humans who want to hurt you, think of them as parasites who are feeding off of your creative (sexual) energy. They are using YOUR power grid system to fuel theirs. They can never get enough. They are never full. That’s why they keep going back for more. To you… or to someone else. 

  We must stop them. It is time to rip off the bandaid and dump the entire container of peroxide on them. Slowly but surely, the wound these parasites have left behind heals like magic. Nature is always healing itself.  Society can heal itself through nature.  We are nature. Whether Mother Earth comes through with some gentle showers, steep winds, or a hurricane… she is always balancing. The same way you catch a cold.  Nothing is “wrong”.  Your body is simply trying to reach its level of homeostasis. Through the use of Alchemy, we can take a painful memory, unplug the energy cord that is holding us back, and transform that free space into something different - something empowering. Something filled with love. 

  Underneath it all, predators are completely powerless. That’s why they prey on your energy. I know, it’s messed up. How do we rid society of these parasites? 

Just the way you can rid your body of candida/yeast and parasites (which I HIGHLY recommend doing this kind of cleanse), we can rid society of human parasites.  My candida cleanse went something like this. I was 21 and in poor health. My already sensitive stomach was in shambles after an entire high school career of taking numerous forms of prescribed “legal meth” to treat ADD.  This category of prescription pills, so readily given to children, is one of the worst things the medical “system” could have ever done to society.  The medications basically turn you into a powerless robot (another topic we will explore another time), numb to their past traumas, in need of serious healing and detoxification.   

  To reverse and heal from years of harsh medication, it was time to take action and do an extreme cleanse.  If you haven’t rid your body of candida, you naturally crave sugar. You don’t just have a “sweet tooth”. You have candida and parasites that are in your digestive system.  You will literally crave sugar like an addict craves cocaine. To stop the addiction, you must cut out ALL sugar entirely.  Not even natural sugar, like fruit. It sounds insane, but the results are life changing. Try it! You’ll be shocked. Candida and parasites go hand in hand. They never can get enough. Always more, more, more. And they especially love the processed kind of sugar.

  Sexual predators are the same. Sex is their drug and they need to take advantage of someone else to feel power. They are weak. They are empty. If your body is in balance, when you eat a piece of fruit you are full. You don’t need more. You are nourished for that moment. Sex is the same in its organic state. It’s delicious, it’s natural, it’s balanced. 

 Many of our health problems are caused by a strain on our control. Whether that be sexual or mental control. When you go to certain areas of the United States, you see that the majority of people are unhealthy and unaware. They are sheep. They have given over their power. Their power to take care of themselves and be free. They pour their pain and insecurities into toxic habits that, in turn, make them more and more feeble. And the people who are controlling their lives through products and services are sitting on their private jets and profiting and praying off of their energy, like parasites. In many cases these people are fit and wealthy and successful and they know exactly what they’re doing- taking advantage.  They will no longer be able to live with this type of karma dragging behind them. In the New Earth in order to be successful you have to add real value to people’s lives. You can’t just sell people things because you want to gain. You have to give people keys to freedom through what you’re doing. You have to care about other peoples lives just the way you care about your family’s life because we are actually just one giant family. 

  The more people try to keep other people down and sell them things that will further harm their bodies, the bigger their karmic debt becomes. The more you try to take someone’s power away, the bigger your karmic debt grows. You cannot sweep things under the rug. We are waking up and can identify the lies.  We see the truth and we are no longer listening to you. We don’t trust you anymore. We have found trust within ourselves. We are taking our power back and it is becoming very clear who you are. We aren't scared of you anymore! We have realized that YOU are the weak ones.  And we will no longer allow you to drain our energy. Goodbye.  

That's why they feed you lies on television (tells lies by vision) and that’s why they sell you horror stories and push negative news headlines - so that you will go and be afraid. Fear lowers your vibration. And when your vibration is low you become an easy target and allow them to feed off your energy. You are easily taken advantage of. You have blinders on, and you cannot see what they are doing to you. They can do whatever they want when you are asleep. You become sellable. You watch the programs on your TV because you are weak and programmable. Free? You? No.

  You buy your food and remain weak and tired, you get sick, which further lowers your vibration, and then you go to the “doctor” and you take pills. And you even pay for them! You pay with your energy for something that makes you weaker! And the doctor gets richer. They get paid off of your illness and your weakness. And that pill causes you more weakness, so you take another pill to fix that weakness and then somehow you find yourself in a big mess. And then you ask yourself, “Did I ever sign up for this?”

  And then your alarm goes off, and you hit the snooze button again and go back to sleep. And do it all again. Until one day you realize what has been happening. You realize that you have been plugged in, like an outlet, into a system without your consent.

  You were never given the option. You were simply born into a world full of manipulation and parasites. Not everyone is here to take advantage of you, you must find the genuine and loyal people out there who have your best interest at heart. This may be your family, and if not, you can create your own family - a network of people who love and support your freedom to be who you truly are.   

 Emancipate yourself. Emancipate every damn layer of yourself. Your health. Your sexuality. Your wealth. Claim it. It’s your birthright.  

  So how can we truly and ultimately gain our control back? Start cleansing. Get it out allllll on the table. From the bottom of your stomach where the memories of sexual / mental abuse sit and wait  for you to expel them from your system. When you do this deep purge, you will lose mental & physical weight. You will feel lighter. You will feel more free from the parasites who were syphoning YOUR energy this whole time. You have to go inside, identify, and rip out all of the cords plugged into you and you give them back. And say, "Hey! You left this here, and it’s not mine. It’s yours. Don’t ever think about pluggin' into MY energy system again thanks!!!!" And you start taking out all of these cords and attachments from different people and situations from your past. You start purging. You start gaining clarity and begin to see the floor beneath you. The hangers with clothes now have space in between them. The veil starts lifting and the truth is revealed.

 How do we further cleanse society of these parasites? 

 We speak up. We use our voices. Why? Because we get it out. Out of our body, out of society. And when we do this, we make it safer for more and more people to cleanse, to purge, to become free. 

 What happens when we do this? We hold each other accountable. People no longer feel safe feeding off other people’s energy anymore because they know the doors are shut and locked. We are too smart to let anyone take our power ever again. The cool thing is when you fully get it back, I mean fully, no loose ends, you start your new magical life. 

  Everything starts lining up. You stop giving a fuck what people think. You become happy, light, and free. You start attracting abundance like magic and you begin to feel “lucky” as if the universe is now on your side, rigged in your favor. Well it is, and it always has been. You have always had the power, you just didn’t know how to tap into it. 

  Why? Because society hadn’t taught you that yet. Society supported the parasites and now the parasites are being exposed. Sorry, guys! We can all see you now! Our third eyes are open, and we are no longer blind to the truth.  We no longer stand still and allow the energy and power to leave us. You can’t lie anymore in this new golden age. You literally cannot, everyone will know when you are false as if you walk into the grocery store with no clothing on. 

  When we clear space in society, in our bodies and minds, we allow ourselves to be uniquely ourselves. To express our creativity, our sexuality, our truths. When you don’t feel ashamed, you aren’t afraid of your sexual power anymore. And I don't just mean sex, I mean your energy. You become creative in a way that is alluring, alluring to all the magic that will start attracting towards you. 

  Take your power back!  Now is the time. The more we all do this, the more free we all become. The more we feel more comfortable in our own skin. You are seriously SO magical. You are here for a very special reason. The Universe chose you to be a part of this revolution. The Universe is currently testing your bravery. Will you take the steps in front of you to become free of the control?

  I have a dream. A dream you may share. That dream is that in my future we will be able to walk to grade school safely alone, where we won't have to worry about our children being abused or at risk. A world where she/he will go to a school that highlights their strengths and cultivates their creativity. Where she/he won't be put into a box. A world where we all love ourselves unconditionally. A society that supports us with preventative health instead of a world with a healthcare system built on keeping people sick and profiting off of it. A place where we will all have access to organic clean food, and an abundance of it. Where we can all live together in harmony and peace. I know my dream is possible. It starts with me and you as individuals. And it starts with us taking our power back. I am rooting for you!

The Diamond Mind 

The beautiful women of the Olympics wearing their Logan Hollowell Jewelry custom Courage Bracelets at the 2018 ESPYS Awards. They each received the Arthur Ashe Courage Award for their bravery and determination in fighting against their sexual predator. We are truly proud and humbled by their strength and we're filled with joy that their journey of healing can begin.

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  • Anne Strange

    Thank you for this. The emphasis on taking ownership of our own power is refreshing. While you mention external parasites, the focus remains on self and taking charge. Great piece!

  • Amy

    I was strong, more than happy, and was sucked in by something unnatural for 16 yrs.. literally a wolf, he blinded my sight and I was a shell. When I was pulled out by my family the old me was almost drained. But now my power is coming back, my dreams, visons, and all my numbers. That is the first thing to come back and I knew my Angels were with me. Now through meditation and Detox ( 2 yrs later) I am back! I can felel 11:11 coming so I can talk to Michael, and my path is positive! I know what you are talking about, “UNPLUGGING” I got caught, blinded. Your sight is lovely and positive. At this point, I will look fondly on your gorgeous jewelry and gift. When I left , I left with only my kids, to avoid negativity, so at this time, I can’t buy on your site now. But one day , I may! Love, and Peace, Blessing, Amy

  • Christy

    This is such a beautiful and powerful statement, Logan! It offers an eye-opening look at the way energy leeches can become woven into our bodies and minds without our awareness. It also offers some direction for being cleansed and free of those things that have kept people downtrodden for so long. It conveys a new perspective toward life that is free, healthy, joyful, and blessed. I share your dream! Sending you all the sparkles, sweet friend!

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