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Healing the Mother(land)

Healing the Mother(land)

I have always had an unexplained attraction to Africa. Reoccurring visions of being out on a safari, as a formless energy, watching the animals as they all coexist with purpose of survival.  I felt so drawn to it; it was calling my name. I longed for it - to go home.

During my first past life regression, I found myself in Africa as a tribeswoman. I won't tell you the whole story, but it was very life changing. That's when I started really realizing - yes, we all came from Africa. It is the Motherland.  Africa is the most motherly place of all. Parts of her are in distress and need love returned back to her. 

The very first time I traveled to Africa, I went alone. I wanted to go my whole life. No one I met before shared the same passion and urgency to get to Africa as myself.  I never felt nervous for one second about going by myself. Something inside of me said, You'll find out when you get there.  You will be free. You will be with the Mother. 

I felt so completely taken care of the moment I arrived. It was the warmth of their handshake. The light in their eyes. The subtle whisper in my ear saying, “This is where you- all of us- came to be”.

I have been almost all over the world, and that fact remains. Each time I go, I feel more and more love pouring from the souls in Africa. When you look around at the people, they are laughing, smiling, shaking hands, high five-ing. There is a general sense of camaraderie amongst the people. Everyone is there to help one another, never to overstep or cross.  I felt the Mother everywhere. She was in everyone's eyes, voices, and movements. So gentle, so nurturing, so unconditional. No ego, just love.  

Visiting the safaris has been a dream come true. Every animal plays a role and communicates a different energy. The wildebeest are like cattle - not the sharpest tools in the shed. They are easy prey and food for lions. They stand in herds, turning their heads side to side in a stupor. Not thinking for themselves, and always doing what the one in front of them does. You know these types out in the world.

Then you have the hyenas who are always lurking in the shadows below. They feed off of the dead animals after the lions have finished their meals. Their jaws are so strong that they can even eat the bones. 

There are the flamingos, so beautiful that you have to rub your eyes to make sure what you are seeing isn't just an optical illusion. 

The elephants are gentle vegetarian giants. Butterflies of the land, just floating across the plain gracefully. The females after having their babies raise them as a community- women only. They separate from the male in order to protect their babies from any wrong doing….  They "kick them out”, in the words of our safari guide.

The cheetahs- fast, rare, elusive, barely to be seen. Despite their loud coats, they commit to staying as low key as possible.

The lions: Kings and Queens of the African safari. 

I fell in love with Africa the first time I visited the Gabriella Centre in Moshi, Tanzania.  I first discovered the project when I was invited to a gala in LA for the GO Campaign.  The honoree that year was Brenda Shuma, the African goddess who quit her job and sold her home to open this center. She saw a problem, and visualized a solution. She saw that children were being left behind, sometimes killed for being different. She listened to her calling. And thank God she did. 

After being open for a couple of years, the bills and demands just kept growing. It was to the point where Brenda was forced to close the school. She had stuffed envelopes with letters to all the parents explaining the situation. The parents couldn't afford any amount of tuition (and they still don’t pay- unless it's by donating a squash from their garden, or lending a helping hand one afternoon). Needless to say, Brenda was devastated that she hadn't been able to sustain the center despite the fact it was being held together by strings. Clearly Brenda hadn't stopped believing in miracles because she never gave up.

Scott Fifer, the founder of the GO campaign, heard about the project from some friends in Africa. Being the hero/lightworker that he is, he quickly made his way to the center to see if there was anything he could do. Sure enough, there was hope. Through the campaign’s help, the Gabriella Centre did not have to close its doors on these innocent, beautiful, and vulnerable children in a town so poor and uneducated - where the notion on children with disabilities and disorders is that they are “cursed” - often killed or left to die due to hate crimes and false ideolgies. Such as the one about Albinos.


In parts of Africa there is a myth that if you hold one of the bones of an Albino person, you will one day become rich and famous. See, you don't even realize how lucky you are... to have what you have... to live in the world that you live in, until you experience one like this. These children without Brenda were being left to die, left to be abused. Heartbroken mothers who had no clue what to do with what God, aka “the Universe”, had delivered to them. And then an angel like Brenda comes along, ready to save and nurture those unwanted children.

Someone that cared. Someone who cared enough that she made it her purpose. This is what I want to highlight here- the level of care, concern, and drive to make a difference, to bring some light into someone's life. 

I hope this story inspires you the way it inspired me. If we all were inspired by someone's story and shared it, we would all heal as a collective. It’s the torus, the constant flow of energy, continuing in a circle. I water you, you water me, we all water each other. We all care, we all care about one another because we know we are family. There is only one race - the human race. Remember that.

Everything is connected. Every single thing. Every cell, every thought, and every vibration is weaved together to create the next. It's a continuum. Life is an infinite loop. You can be in a cycle of joy and bliss or pain and suffering. The choice is yours, both can be your reality.

We are in a time when we are healing the feminine. And I'm not just talking about women. I mean for everyone. Whether you are female or male, you have both feminine and masculine energies within you. Males have mothers, males have feminine energy. And in order for us to bring unity and peace among this planet, we must find balance between both. It's an incredible time to be alive, during this great awakening on the planet. 

I created these pieces to support the Go Campaign and the Gabriella Centre, and to remind you that there is only ONE - one love, one heart, one of us. And to remember the center in Tanzania - the beautiful country in Africa that produces Tanzanite - the vibrant purple gem I have always loved since childhood. When you look down at these pieces, you will feel me. You will feel Brenda, you will feel these beautiful children that I have had the pleasure of connecting with. I want to thank you, Brenda, Scott, and my own mother who accompanied me on my last visit.  And lastly, to thank The Mother. The all seeing Mother that watches down upon all of us. And of course, Mother Earth, Gaia, as she continues to heal during this major Ascension happening.  

To support, purchase a piece from this collection or donate directly by clicking here.

With love & light and endless gratitude from the depths of my heart and soul,

The Diamond Mind

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  • Kirstie

    Thank you. Thank you for this. For doing this. For the African children. Thank you Brenda.

    You are both women to be inspired by continuously.

    I hope to be one of those woman one day.

    Love and light

  • Christy

    So beautiful, Logan! I am so moved by your message of love and oneness. Brenda is showing the world that one person can indeed make a difference. She will have a legacy of changing the lives of countless people as a result of her love and service. Her waves of kindness and generosity will trickle down through generations, as will yours and your mama’s! Thank you for sharing this truth with the world. I want to help and do what I can to support the Gabriella Centre!

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