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Logan's Book Recommendations

Logan's Book Recommendations

  I get it. You have about 10 tabs on average open on your screen at once. You’re watching a Chanel bag on Ebay that you have been stalking on and off for a couple of years now and have just never pulled the trigger. You have the yoga schedule running. An article about the latest crypto ICO’s that are hot right now (…or not so hot) An episode of whatever people are into these days (i have no idea). An email from a co-worker. A website for some fitness brand that has cute workout gear that you started a shopping cart with. Pinterest, where you have your digital dream board which includes the car you are currently manifesting… (by the way, dream boards actually work). 

But guess what?

  I’ve got news for you. When you go (like really go and leave planet Earth) ain’t none of that stuff is coming with you. Not your dream car, not your 6 pack abs, not your new Chanel bag, or whatever that thing is that you want SO FREAKING BAD (just buy it for yourself - only if it sparks joy and provides inspiration).  Life is WAYYYY too short and honestly you deserve it. You can’t take your friends, your lover, your cash, your investments, your 401K….. nope, nada. There is only ONE thing that goes with you.

  I want you to take a moment and think to yourself what that one thing could be. What is it??? What is that one thing!!!!

The only thing you take with you is your conciousness. What is conciousness actually?
The quality or state of being aware especially of something within oneself.

  Reading has helped define my ever growing conciseness since a young age. I was always drawn to finding the root of things. The answers and deeper meanings. Snorkling was never a passion, it only immediately made me want to scuba dive. I call these types of people such as myself “rootists”. Always wanting to find the root. Always proposing layers of questions…. 

  Now in life, There are times to read and digest information - but it is just that. Information gives perspective. We also must remember that reading or listening to any source of information is a buffet.

  We can pick and choose what resonates with us and works with our bodies and minds. WE are the only ones who know what the truth is - you know it because you can feel it inside of you.

  My book list is only SOME of the books I recommend that have specifically had a major impact on MY life. Everyone is different! Also, I didn't want to completely overwhelm you with a crazy list. So I tailored it down to what have been the most influential. 

  I am providing this list during spring, a time of new beginnings. A lot of us go on trips, spring breaks, etc.

  When you are relaxed, you are the most open to new perspectives. It is the perfect time to sit back and gain a new outlook, and possibly work toward healing yourself. Remember, we are ALL on our own healing journey.

  So, here they are, in no particular order of importance. If you pick one to read, let your intuition be your guide as to which will help you the most. 


Many Lives, Many Masters by Brian L Weiss: I read this when I was 19, while on a trip in the middle east. I was super sick, and in bed for 3 days straight.  I read it straight through.  It trigged a major awakening inside of me, opening me up to the idea and fact that I have lived many lives and have wounds, souls, and themes that have followed me throughout my journeys and that this was the time to buckle down and heal them so I could transcend, thus becoming FREE from mental enslavement. We have all been a slave in some way…. Anyway, this book is amazing.


You Can Heal Your Life by Louise Hay: You have no idea what this woman has done for me. She is one of my mentors. I feel her warmth around me all of the time. I think I listened to this on audio for a year straight, over and over in my car. 50% of the time tears were streaming down my face. I cannot express to you in words how healing this was for me. I resonate with her on such a deep level. She gave me the permission to be GREAT despite all of the awful things of my past. Before I read/listened to this book, I had a false belief that I had been cursed and that the things that happened were going to impede me from being absolutely amazing. 


Why You Get Sick and How You Get Well by Arthur Janov: When I was 18 years old, living in LA (I moved to LA alone when I was 17 without knowing a soul), I went through a VERY rough time (thank God because I wouldn't be who I am today). I was looking for answers, and I often found myself wandering into this thrift store by my apartment at the time. (This was during a PRE-instagram, social media obsessed society). I would go on long walks, and find myself staring up at the giant shelves of books. This book jumped out at me, as I had been sick with all sorts of issues, and no doctor I went to could get to the bottom of what I was experiencing. When I was a kid, I was put on meds (which should honestly be illegal) to treat “ADD”, which, in my opinion, is a made up disorder for kids who don't fit into a box. The problem with these meds is that they are chemicals and stimulants, and we are natural forms of nature. The combination is disastrous. They create all sorts of side effects, and these “doctors” who knew sooooo much about what I was feeling decided it was a good idea to treat one side effect with another brain chemical altering drug. Can you imagine the mess I was in when I was ready to break free of all of these meds? Functions of my body and organs were failing, my brain chemistry was a mess. I wanted to get to the bottom of all of these health issues I was having, and this glorious book taught me HOW I got sick in the first place. My consciousness is what really needed to heal. This was the “rootist" inside of me, getting to the bottom of my “stuff” which I had held on to for so long. 

   I am not here to blame anyone for my issues at the time, but I’m not going to pretend like curing the epidemic of a false diagnosis of ADD or ADHD is not a passion of mine. Kids are not all the same. Some kids like math, some like science, some like computers, some like art and poetry. That was me. I was in love and obsessed with art, painting and music. I was also fascinated with the mind - how it came to be and how we can change it. I loved learning about altered states of consciousness. Where did we come from? Why are we here? What is the meaning of life? Why did I end up here… because I feel like I don’t belong?  These were the kinds of things I wanted to learn about.  I wanted to not be taught history as much as I wanted to learn how to create my own future. Besides, why be stuck in the past? Ever heard of a broken record? It’s… broken, you know. 


The Monk Who Sold his Ferrari by Robin Sharma: Caught up in Materialism? Feel like nothing is ever good enough, even when you get what you want? It is an addiction. Read this one to get back to your core of what's reallllly important in life. LOVE this one. 


Dying to be Me by Anita Moorjani- Read about her near death experience and what encouraged/supported her to write a book about her entire journey leading up to her final moments. Again, if you are healing from an illness and still don’t understand why, this is a great read. It teaches us that sometimes it is our own mind that is programmed to get us sick - and how to change the program and re-write the code. I seriously love this woman. 


Moonolgy by Yasmin Boland: How to work with the moon to manifest abundance!


The Giving Tree by Shell Silverstein: I cry. pretty much every time. Yes, it’s a children's book so read it to your kids but more importantly read it to yourself. Anything Shell Silverstein in a must and shaped my childhood. 


Heal Your Wounds and Find your True Self by Lise Bourbeau: This book is absolutely amazing. I honestly cannot say enough positive things about it. She narrows it down to 5 major wounds that we ALL have- some wounds are just deeper than others for certain people. In this book you will learn how to identify your wounds and the masks we use to cover them up. You will discover which ones are the deepest and how to heal them so you can move on and manifest all of the amazing things in life and stop attracting the same people (the faces change) and scenarios (the setting changes) that you always wind yourself up with!


  She even links it to your body type to make it easier for you to pin point your wounds- it’s  pretty crazy how spot on it is. She wrote an A-Z guide on different physical illnesses from colds to back problems to thyroid issues, etc. so you can see the metaphysical root of the illness, how to mentally heal it, and move on. It is called "Your Body's Telling You: Love Yourself- The most complete book on metaphysical causes of illnesses and diseases". I know, her titles are a little random but I’m telling you.... this one is a must. It is super handy when it comes to yourself, your kids, etc. She offers so much insight. I hear people complain about health issues all day long, and as I listen, I just want to hand them this book. If only they knew that their body/issue was just a physical manifestation of something much deeper going on inside. Remember, the Mind is the Master and the Body is the Servant. Before you go out and get a bunch of meds and spend a ton of loot on healthcare, get this book. Make it easy, cure yourself. You have everything you need inside…. Literally.


The Mastery of Love by Miguel RuizWant to manifest love in your life? Are you hoping to find a partner to share the magic of life with? Find love within yourself? This book taught me about real romance and how it begins not with another person, but with yourself. I'm obsessed with this book. I go back to it often and I find myself underlining... basically every other sentence. I savored this book the first time I read it. Did you know that your mother and father, like the moon and the sun, create the two aspects of Love between the feminine and the masculine? Do you realize that unless you re-program your subconscious when it comes to the idea of "love" then you will keep attracting what you learned from your parents? Yeah, it’s crazy. For me, it was easy to identify that I did not want to keep attracting what I had been taught. This book showed me what real love is, balanced love. Love based on the principals of growth and harmony. Ever dealt with heartbreak? If you truly digest the concepts in this book you will NEVER experience that feeling again. Heartbreak means you still have to heal heart wounds. Build a strong heart and become the most romantic person ever with this one. Plus… if you think about it, if you don't love yourself, then who will?


Ricky Remington Dolphin Dreamer by Iam Wake and Bret Carr: Just do it. It will take you a couple of hours. I read this one every couple of months. It is sooo good. It brings me to tears. A little back story: When I was little, as long as I can remember, I was always obsessed with dolphins. Everything I owned needed to be dolphin themed. Before I went to bed at night, sometimes my mom would tickle my back until I fell asleep. During this time, we would discuss where I was going to go when I fell asleep. We would basically paint a picture of this world I would visit in my dreams. This world always involved dolphins. Even more specifically, I would ask her if I would be able to ride on a dolphin's back. Underwater. She would always tell me, Yes of course! This would deffff get me excited for sleep if I had any hesitation beforehand. I used to look at pictures of dolphins and dolphin figurines and feel this deep… weirdly sadness. It was like I missed them, I loved them SO much and just wanted to be with them all of the time. I'm not sure if you know this, but dolphins actually have larger brains than humans. They use sonar, which is basically a form of telepathy. Dolphins reside on a higher dimension. Read this book!!!!!!! It changed my life. :)


The Secret History of Wonder Woman by Jill Lepore: Did you see the movie yet? If you didn’t, run, don't walk, to go see it.  I mean honestly, there isn't a film more perfect with the times than this one. Best movie I've seen in a LONG time (that and Black Panther) and honestly I am not a superhero-film-kinda-girl!!! Plus Gal Gadot is such a babe/goddess. I'm telling you- this film is about you. Anyway, the film is based around the actual comic Wonder Woman (well, duh). But did you know how and by who her character was created by? She was created by a psychologist… who could see into the future. He was a visionary - who predicted a lot of things that are happening now. This book is incredibly eye opening… and light is shed on some events that will be taking place, regarding women, in our near future. Check it out!!!! Learn about yourself and how you are evolving, you Wonder Woman you! For the guys, learn about the Wonder Woman in your life!


Oneness by Rasha: This book is gold. It was published years ago and let me tell you the channel who wrote this was/is WOKE... in 2010. I keep reading this book, going back to pages I have dog eared (which is sooo many). It's incredible. It discusses the New Earth etc., etc. Obsessed with this one!


The Power of Love by Osho: Ok, so basically anything by Osho… I feel like he is fam. Again, same with this one as well as “Love, Freedom, and Aloneness: The Koan of Relationships”, his Tantra books… incredible. If you are looking to understand how to beat the addiction of masking with food, sex, etc. so that you can be satisfied with these things and not always wanting more (basically to find balance) then read his books. Tantra is about being completely engulfed in the moment (complete awareness) so that you can savor the pleasures of life. Again, you can apply this to anything and everything pleasurable- chocolate, sex, a soul gazing session, a glass of wine…. so that you can beat the addiction of “it's never enough”. This is a beautiful gift in life, when you have the ability to master the art of Tantra. And Osho is just amazing (in my opinion). He is very blunt and real (which I resonate with) so don't expect a fancy bow on his words. Some of it is poetry but it is real and sometimes hard to swallow.  In other words, if you are new to Osho he will impose questions that will really have you thinking about things. 


Jonathan Livingston Seagull by Richard BachFull of gold nuggets for people who never wanted to conform to the crowds, often being discredited for that trait. For those who dream to fly and do the seemingly "impossible", this is for you. For those who have felt like an outcast at any point in their lives, there is great news for you. This is a quick and easy read and great for kids as well. Please read it to your kids. Please also read all of Shell Silverstein's books to your kids, as well as Mike Dooley's "Dreams Come True, All They Need is You" as well as "The Rainbow Fish" (A BIG MUST). 


SO this is my small list of books that come to mind when you guys ask for recommendations of books that have majorly impacted by life and ignited healing and wisdom. I hope you enjoy them!!!!! 
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  • Lisa

    Thank you x this is amazing to discover new titles. Lisa ✨

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    Ive now read three of your books form this list and love them all!! xoxo

  • Sharlenee

    I love your blog.

  • Cassie

    Yes! I love this post. I love reading your story behind each book and how it paved way as guidance during a time of need :) I have a lot of reading to do!!

  • Erida Shehu

    Love it, thank you… XO

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