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Super Moon / Blue Moon

Super Moon / Blue Moon



    This is an exciting one folks. There is fire and determination in this powerful moon. It is best to do something physically active during this time. Use your action to represent your desires and intentions. Stay away from toxic people, arguments, heated discussions that don’t go anywhere, and your own fruitless worries and obsessions. We have been introduced to quantum existence. We are truly changing from the inside out. More and more people are waking up to the truth, and taking the path of Light and walking away from the darkness, and anything that is holding them back! The momentum of transformation has accelerated, just the same as our expanding Universe.

  For those just now waking up, it is with a jolt- a powerful nudge from guides and the higher self. Now is the time to do what we came here to do. If you are experiencing anxiety, this is a great thing. It means you are detaching from the third dimensional matrix and it’s causing these symptoms - just like when you do a body detox and you feel awful for the first few days, your body has to cleanse, and all toxicity has to bubble to the surface so it can move OUT! Be gentle with yourself. Ask your inner child, what do I want during this deeply sensitive time?  

  An activity that I LOVE doing during these transformational times, or times of sensitivity, is to ask my 6 year old self, LIL LOLO, what would you like to do today!? Then I listen. Sometimes she wants to take a bath. Sometimes she wants a vegan mint chip shake from Cafe Gratitude. Sometimes she wants to go play on the swings on the beach in Santa Monica. Today she wants to go hunt for treasure…. She has ALWAYS loved doing this. Gems. Jewelry. Magical stones. Today her and I are going to go find mystical, empowering, heart expanding, joy-sparking gems all over Tucson. So get excited folks. My 6 year old self, my deeply pure magical self, will be discovering pure treasures today and tomorrow…. I will be finding stones that enhance inner vision, insight, confidence, and super woman energy.  These will be in upcoming designs. I cant wait to share with you what we stumble upon together.  ;) 

   When meditating on it this morning, my higher self was suggesting that I write to highlight the element of emotional healing through music and other creative expression. Express love and gratitude, and make sure to do whatever it takes to keep your frequency high, and to stay away from any and all negativity. Create a no complaint zone. When someone around you is complaining about whatever the hell people want to complain about- the weather, the flu, the construction, just follow up with a smile. Choose a happy thought. Remind them that everything is happening with the intention of improvement. An eclipse always opens up a more powerful portal and initiates transformation. Use this energy to fuel changes that you want and be ready to jump into action when they happen. Wait for the right timing and allow for things to unfold instead of trying to control situations. And remember, when you are sick with the flu or whatever it may be, that it is a GOOD THING. Old debris is clearing out.  We are all healing. This is a powerful and exciting time be be alive.

 We have truly been activated, and our consciousness is expanding. We experience this expansion in different ways. Our connection to nature transforms.  How cool do trees look these days?! I see trees today and sometimes have to pull over when I am driving. I rub my eyes and ask myself, "Where did that tree come from? Has this big beautiful bright tree been here the whole time?" I can see the electricity moving through it, standing tall. Rooted in the ground. Acting as a beautiful symbol of truth, wisdom, and service to us all so that we can breathe.  We see through the glitching matrix hologram to the true feel, smell, and sight of the ultimate OG, Mama Nature in all her glory. We learn nature rejuvenates, realigns, refreshes, and centers our energetic being. We can power up, charge our batteries in nature. Trees speak to our energy, our senses; tuning up our vibrations. We are reconnecting to our deeply-rooted past- a time when humanity and Gaia existed together, understood each other and complimented each other perfectly in harmony. Celestial events herald future timelines where Gaia and humanity are once again connected in symbiosis. YESSSSSS!!! Can you feel it!? 
  The three most recent supermoons mark the three points of the gateway- a portal, an OPENING. A triangle of light, a doorway has been opened for you to walk through. I’ve been taking notice of beautiful doors lately and during my meditation this morning, I realized why. It’s time to walk through them. Gaia (Mother Earth) is moving through this gateway, she has initiated this transition for you and I, seeking freedom from predators and destruction. We walk away like a boss, and never look back.

  Every single one of us has a choice, to travel with Gaia or remain in the third dimension. Some people choose to stay where they are consciously rejecting higher frequencies. For people in this boat, we must have compassion and let them be. They are simply not ready to come to the New Earth that we are all creating through our thoughts and actions. Choosing to remain in energetic grooves of fear, greed, hate, envy and anger, the frequencies of the matrix control hologram.

   Our freewill is a sovereign right in the infinite Universe. Each of us journeys solo when it comes to our choices. We set the dial of our frequency, just the way you would set the thermometer in your home. We decide whether to embrace the higher wavelengths of love and empathy. Again, we do this through our mindset, our actions and our inner emotional world. Forget all of the multi-dimestional language that sounds confusing. This is it- our frequency is our truth, it cannot lie. The light we choose to follow. Who we are is determined where we are in all of this cosmic chaos. We call the shots- we choose our path, our destiny. The idea of what it means to be a gangster has changed. To be a gangster is to be one of LOVE, of service to humanity and this beautiful blue planet we live on. 

  This blue super moon is also a blood moon. Red is our root chakra (think roots, security, staying grounded), which represents the karmic clearing we and Gaia have pushed through recently. Gaia’s weather patterns are showing these changes- similar to our bodies going through colds and flus. Do you get it yet!? We are little mirrors of Gaia!!!! We feel how she feels! She’s cleansing, and so are you. Past stuff is coming up! Storms are a-brewin'!

   Traumas of childhood, this life, past lives, ancestral karma and attachments ready for release. Behaviors, thought patterns, addictions, and any and all low deep rooted frequencies are being loosened. Anxiety and stress buried deep in our psyche comes out as random memories, emotional outpouring, the dark nights of the soul for many.  As our vibration rises, when we make positive changes in our lives, people, things, thoughts of lower frequency cannot stay with us. Buh-bye! We all, every soul, choose our wavelength, our path.

  As Gaia moves in front of the moon, like a black hole it will suck up all the dense heavy karma globally released like a vacuum. Alchemy, the transmutation of dark to light will occur in your lives. We will be lighter, more free and there will be a greater flow between us and Gaia. 


  The fifth dimension is the goal. Many people are already there - this is the mission. It is our destiny.  The place where we all want to be on this beautiful, vibrant, epic little blue planet. To exist together with her.  To nourish and grow and cherish one another. To live in every moment of life. To create and love; to be joyful and expansive, to be wise and curious.


   We are the creators. We manifest our world through our vibration, and through our emotional wellbeing.  This is our mindset. So choose to set your mind to the best and highest frequency surrounded by positivity and light.



This Supermoon is the perfect time to hop on and ride this cosmic wave into the new world we are all creating together.


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