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Your Romance is Your Reflection

Your Romance is Your Reflection

Your Romance is Your Reflection: Self Care Rituals I Love

  Why are self care and cleansing rituals so important? Your self care sets the tone for every other care in your life. Any care that anyone will give to you is a direct reflection of how you care for yourself.

  Many people are doing it all backwards- looking for someone to love them and treat them right,  when really  they don't take care of themselves. I meet a lot of people who put themselves on the back burner.  They are always out doing things for others which is of course part of the equation. If you aren't being of service in some positive way during this Aquarian age then good luck. Serving humanity with what you do directly effects your happiness and ultimately your level of success. It could be anything- volunteering, infusing positive energy through your work, helping your community.  It's SO important to be of service in this world and to ADD VALUE to the lives of others - because all of that comes back around. But what about self care, rituals, and self love? Why does treating yourself REALLY matter? 

  No matter who you are, deep down you want someone to treat you right. You can sit here and say “I dont need that."  Don’t lie to yourself, you fucking want it deep down. And you want it badly.  

  Until you start taking time for yourself to pamper, treat, and fulfill those wants, you won't ever receive them. Your entire life is a mirror in every aspect. What you put out comes back. What thoughts you hold onto will grow and manifest. How you treat yourself… is how others will mostly treat you. I'll say it again…


  Chances are you are reading this for a reason- you need to hear it. Go, take yourself on that trip. Buy yourself those flowers. Get the extra massage. Enjoy those spa treatments. Buy the jacket that sparks joy. Stop feeling guilty. Guilt and shame BLOCK abundance- all types of abundance. Across the board. Love, inspiration, wealth, everrrrrrything. 

  But most importantly - watch your thoughts. Why? Because you are listening. And you are digesting every thought. And it’s providing energy - whether positive or negative. And it’s reflecting out into your movie - life - and the characters you have casted into it. 

  What are my favorite rituals? Well I have many. But I have some favorites for sure. Recently when I was in Tulum I checked out this incredible boutique style spa, Yaan Wellness, that was literally heaven on Earth. I love spas. I think they are so essential. It's a beautiful act, taking yourself to a spa and treating yourself like an absolute goddess. Going inward, taking some self care. It's a vibration raiser, mood booster, and abundance magnitzier. Walking around in a robe in a space where a bunch of other women/men share the same vibration. I always flash back to past lives of being an Egyptian goddess, laying back while being fed grapes, having some dudes pour me and my girls 24k gold cups of wine and fanning us down when we ask for it. Yeah, that's what I am talking about. Run me a bath, would ya? 

  Self care Rituals, whether big or small, are all acts of love. Love for yourself. That love you cultivate shoots right back out to the world and the people in it.  What happens when you don't take care of yourself? Stuff piles up. You avoid yourself and you start breaking down. You catch colds and get cranky. You start to lose it! And your health takes a toll too. None of these things are attractive, especially if you can help it. Stop saying you're too busy. You can't truly take care of others until you take care of yourself. Take your “me” time. Take yourself out to your favorite restaurant and treat yourself to a glass of wine. Everyone will start noticing these little acts of love that you send yourself, and they will reciprocate. By the way, RECIEVING is an act of feminitity. We - men and women - are all in the act of balancing our feminine side. Being overly masculine, whether your gender is female or male, isn't attractive. You need to receive. How do you expect to attract abundance if you can't receive it? Let yourself fully receive gifts, self care, love, and compliments.  Know that you deserve them, because you really do.


  I’m going to share with you some of the self care rituals I do constantly to A. Raise my vibration, B. Cleanse my energy and C. shower myself with love. 

1. Sage sessions. My boyfriend and I want to create these things called Sage Bombs where if you go to a spot, city, with low vibes, you just toss a huge bundle of burning sage into the vicinity so it can clear out. Sage is extremely powerful. It cleanses your aura from anything lower attached to your energy field. If you are a positive person, you are a target to negative energies trying to attach to yours - we call these energies vampires in the streets. If you are in a negative place, you DEF need to be saging. Sage your whole body down. Light the sage and once it starts smoking a little bit, just run it around your body. And make sure to get the bottoms of your feet and also the back of your head and neck.  Also, sage kills bacteria better than your crappy chemical toxin ridden anti-bacterial BS you get from CVS.  Do your research. Bring your sage, burn some in your hotel room. 

2. Salt baths. Salt is an energy cleanser and removes toxins. Your skin is the largest organ in your body. When you take a salt bath you draw out toxins, and cleanse your aura. Also, add bubbles. Something natural - but luxurious. Wash your body like the goddess you are. If someone was watching you, they would say “Dangggg, by the way she is washing herself makes me want to treat her right”. How would a goddess cleanse her body in the shower or bath? She would do it with intention. Not rushing through just to get through. It’s the same as eating. You dont wolf down your food simply because A. that ain’t cute and/or classy and B. You will still be hungry AND unsatisfied in 3.5 seconds because you  let your satiety center of your brain recognize that you ate what you needed for the proper amount of energy needed. You didn't enjoy your food. You didn't savor each bite and be in the moment with it- the smells, the flavors, the texture. It's tantric. All of it. From the way you eat, to the way you care for yourself and others. And the way you cleanse your body. It’s called self care, self love, and romance.

3. Rose Water: Roses in general guys. Roses are the highest vibrating flower of all flowers. There are so many epic metaphors lying within the bud of a rose. Taking a rose petal bath is perfection after enjoying them in a vase at home. Or offering the petals to the ocean or the forest. There is something beautiful about this act. But Rose water is essential. You can put it in your water which I am obsessed with doing. Spraying rose water around your crown chakra (head) will raise your  vibration and cleanse your aura. Spray your face - it is extremely beneficial to the skin. I spray it incessantly on flights for moisture, vibe raiser, and just because it smells freaking incredible and I'm obsessed. 

4. Take yourself to a nice dinner. Treat yo self. You deserve it. Get the nice wine. Stop cheating yourself. Take yourself to get your nails done. Don’t skip out on that facial or whatever it is!!!! Keep it up! 

5. Buy something for yourself. You know what it is. You want it BAD. But for some reason you are holding back because you think, noooo that's too much. “I need to receive this from someone else, not myself” or wellll I could just get this thing, which is *almost* as good as the thing I really want. Whatt!? Excuse me!? Life is a short lucid dream. You’re creating it. So treat yourself to the thing that you want - because when you do this you are AFFIRMING to the UNIVERSE, “Hello world!  I am worthy! I am fantastic! I deserve this nice thing that I've really, really been wanting!” And guess what - the Universe (being the mirror that it is) reciprocates. Yep, that's how it works. Be prepared to have a whole lotta other nice things happening to you once you actually start treating yourself to things.

6. Go to the Spa. So as for Yaan in Tulum that I mentioned earlier.... First off, Tulum is great. Sure it's trendy and bla bla. But it felt like a mini sip of Bali, but it Mexico, with the ancient MAYAN culture infused. I love the sacred Mayan rituals and healing. They were burning copal which is similar to sage - so cleansing you can feel it.  Some of you may have seen my instragram story of this place.  I've been to spas all around the world, but this was on another level. And the room I received my ritual in was so amazing.

  When I walked in and saw the bath I was immediately happy. I have a thing for baths.  I have always retreated to baths for healing, self care, and going inwards. I saw the table full of herbs, flowers, gongs, and… a basket with... an egg? What was the egg for? I wondered with excitement. I didn't even ask- I just went with it, excited to see this fertile element of the ritual. What was the egg going to communicate to me? (The universe is communicating with all of us at all times - for those who are listening).

  As for the treatment, It was composed of an absolutely delightful massage of 70 minutes while the goddess cleansed me down with tons of burning herbs, copal, sage, etc. and rolled something along my body every now and then  mixed with hot stones. Essential sprays and oils were used  to activate different chakras through scent. Ummmm hello! Perfection. The massage couldn't have been any better. 2/3 way through, I heard her turn on the bath. AHHHH WHAT! OKAY! Then she turned it off. Okay…more massage. Bath back on. Finally when the massage ended, she patted me to turn over and presented the egg. She cracked it into a jar. She proceeded to tell me about the egg, and how the egg represented my energy. The yolk was my health, the white was my emotions, and anything in between meant other things.

  What she said was completely on point. I was blown away by this experience. She told me not to worry though, because the stuff that wasn't good was trapped in the jar, and had been removed from my energy. Then the bath. Which was in a giant copper tub filled with hot water, the spa’s essential oils, and HERBS and oils grown and extracted from their garden. Yes, I saw the herb garden outside. This is what I am talking abut. Living off the land. Respecting Gaia, working with her, supporting one another, and THRIVING together like the goddesses we all are.  For those of you who don't know, Gaia is my number one babe. Gaia is the goddess name for Mother Earth. Yes, Earth is a living breathing goddess if you didn't already know….  Gaia deserves to be taken care of, just like you.  Go ahead, write down your list of what you have been putting on the back burner in terms of self care and start checking it off.  You will notice that once you start taking care of yourself and filling your life with what you want, others will start doing the same for you.  So look in the mirror and ask yourself, Who do you want to see?  Start striving to be your desired reflection, and that love ultimately will find you when you truly believe that you are ready to receive.        Happy Valentine's Day, Goddesses.  Love, Logan xx

Additional photos that give you a taste of my experience from Yaan Wellness center in Tulum, Mexico.


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