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2018: The Year of Action

2018: The Year of Action

  Whenever the new year comes around, talk of New Years resolutions are in the air. From friends, coworkers, businesses capitalizing on marketing opportunities- it's everywhere. But honestly, how many of you or your peers actually stick to those resolutions? Even the phrase “New Years resolutions” sounds like a chore. 

  I get it, you want to change. You want to upgrade in some way, some form. Whether it be a new workout regimine, eating habits…. What if there was a simple way to upgrade that area of your life- instantly and magically?

  Sounds amazing, right? Well it is entirely possible with this magic trick. And It has nothing to do with chores. However it does take discipline. The trick is this:

Raise your standards.

  What do I mean? Well, it's pretty simple. Start setting the bar higher. In thought, in action, in vibration. So when you want to eat differently and stick to a dietary plan (which sounds awful), just raise your standards on what you will tolerate when it comes to food. Choose different restaurants and menu items. Ask for dressing on the side and instead use lemon and olive oil. 

  Order the steamed veggies instead of fries. KNOW inside your heart and mind that your body is beautiful, sacred, and capable of anything, IF you put your mind to it.  It is deserving of the best, both inside and out.  In other words....

Stop settling.

  By doing one simple practice: raising your standards in every single area of your life. Not just in diet, but in love.  If you want to manifest the perfect partner, one who treats you right 100% of the time, then don't tolerate any abusive behavior. Raise your standards and KNOW that you deserve the best.

  But really, ask yourself, do you deserve the best? I don't know, because I am not you, and it's actually not up to me. If it were up to me the answer would be YES, absolutely you do. I don't care who you are, what your name is, where you are from, what you have been through in your past, what you look like or where you work. The answer would be yes, you deserve everything and more. You deserve to be the absolute best version of yourself.

  Living your dream and doing something you love in a relaxing way. Dating a loving and supportive partner, traveling (or not traveling) all over the world, in your best possible physical and mental shape. Working in a job or running a business you are super passionate about, like an absolute f*cking boss. Just killing the game, feeling great, looking good, and sharing your gratitude with everyone around you. Inspiring everyone and showing them that it is all possible because you made it happen.  Only you can decide if you deserve the best, and you have to believe it, feel it, and know it.

  This goes with dating! Stop going out with people because you are bored! What kind of crap is that?! Stop distracting yourself. Buckle down and write what you want in a partner and wait till that person shows up. Stop searching, they will show up, magically, when you are focused on yourself, giving good loving, in your groove. That's how it works!

That's how I started to really shift things in my life. By that simple concept - raising every standard.

  I decided that I loved myself enough to start believing that I deserved the best. And the best started to follow. That's what it took- one simple decision, putting it into motion, and lots of disciple.

  For example, I would want a certain thing and I decided I wanted the best version of that thing. So instead of settling for a mediocre version, I would wait until I could get what I really wanted. Because otherwise, if I got that one thing, and it was *almost* sparking joy, then it would only inspire me halfway. Screw that! I want to be inspired and joy-sparked 100% of the way!

  Take a look at your life. Say you're bored and it's a Friday night. You don't want to be alone because you have some weird idea in your head that being alone on a Friday night is weird. Well, I am here to tell you that it's not, trust me. It's actually fucking awesome.

  Anyway, so it's Friday and someone you know, maybe one of those halfway friends of yours asks you to hang out. And the whole idea of it doesn't necessarily spark joy, but you do it anyway. You say, “Yes, let's hang out. Let's get a drink, see a movie”, or whatever it is. Because you don't want to be alone. But you are investing energy (time is the new currency) into that energetic experience with this half way inspiring relationship, so your investment will deliver itself in your future.

  When really, you could have had a relaxing night at home doing ANYTHING and working towards your creative endeavors. Chillin’, bath time, face mask, Postmates... you could have cooked yourself a little something, treated yourself to something special. You could have cuddled with your pup, written in your journal, made a dream board. You could have raised your standards instead of settling.

  I would rather stay home and dance around in my underwear to Space Jam than go to some dinner with a bunch of frou frou superficial people who are going to want to gossip and complain. Or go to a bar with a bunch of people just searching, searching for something they haven’t found inside themselves.  I would rather have 5 solid joy sparking friends than 40 halfway ones. Invest in the kind that take you further, that bring light into your life - the authentic kind. Not the ones bringing you down, gossiping, complaining, or only wanting to hangout because they see you doing cool stuff and they are nosey.

I’d rather have 1 cashmere sweater than 6 itchy wool blend ones. You get the point.  Raise your standards, yo!

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  • Nora

    On Point! Thank you so much. You are such an Inspiration! Putting this on my dreamboard now! Lots of Love & gratitude from Germany! Im really looking forward to the Next Post. Ps: i find it really Hard to Unterstand the Concept of modern Alchemy, would Love to read about your Point of view and experience! ❤️???

  • karli

    i love this. you’re speaking my language ! beautifully written. thank you logan for your magic ?✨???⭐️?

  • Ayla Sarnoff

    LOVE THIS! So true #standardsraised

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