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London Diaries

London Diaries

From days showing goddesses the magic of LH pieces, to nights strolling around Mayfair, my recent trip to London was something special.


Logan on plane sipping wine with eye masks on


My new favorite travel ritual is a sneaky in-flight eye mask. I don’t think I have ever felt so refreshed after getting off a 10 hour flight than I did with this beauty hack.

Left photo: London street at night / Right photo: Chanel shop building with Christmas decorations

What a beautiful time of year it is to visit this special city and especially Mayfair. The streets were sparkling with holiday magic and full of people who were relishing in the season festivities. I was lucky enough to see some snowfall during one of my night walks through the area. This is a sight that I will never get enough of.

Left: London hotel suite with LH jewelry on display / Neck display with constellation necklaces on

Two magical days of showing new and classic LH pieces to our global goddesses in our private suite was something I will cherish forever. Nothing makes my heart glow like experiencing people see and try on LH designs for the first time.

Left: Image of bar / Right: Image of two hands wearing LH rings

One of my favorite things to do during my travels is explore new places and have memorable experiences. If you are like me, then these recommendations are for you. 


Xx Logan


(Click on each link to find out more)



The Twenty Two

Connaught Hotel




Jean-Georges @ The Connaught




Red Room @ Connaught







Stroll around Mayfair 

Afternoon Tea @ Claridges


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