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4 models sitting leaning on each other wearing constellation collection

Behind The 18k Prong Constellation Collection

This collection is inspired by the quote "We all come from the same stardust".

We all come from the same stardust meaning we are more connected than we know. Connected to the cosmos, earth, universe and each other. 

I took the designs from my original Constellation Collection and tuned some fine details to bring a new feel to one of my favorite designs I have ever created. Round white diamonds taken from a bezel to prong setting and the gold karat weight moving from 14 to 18 karat gold.

Available in all of the 12 astrological constellations as well as some of the other magical star alignments in our universe, this collection wishes you to carry the stars with you.

Discover some behind the scenes images captured on film during the campaign photoshoot.

Film BTS photos of the constellation photoshoot, models in fram getting hair fixed

4 models posing for camera, wearing constellation collection

left: models in studio sitting on ground posed for photographer,  model Kara wearing constellation collection

With the vision behind the campaign being we are all the same stardust,  I really wanted to capture this feeling with beautiful women from all areas of the earth. This magical story was captured with models Kiara, Gizele, Kara and Sydney.

All 4 models wearing Logan Hollowell Constellation Collection

Right: upclose of brunette model resting hand on face waring constellation rings, blonde model in brown coat wearing constellation pieces

Two models sitting down leaning on each other wearing constellation pieces

I am so beyond excited to share this collection with you. 


Check out the new 18k Prong Constellation Collection here.

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