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New Year Intentions

New Year Intentions

A new year means a new chapter. It gives us a chance to realign, seek new paths and say goodbye to old parts of ourselves that no longer serve our purpose anymore.

When it comes to envisioning what you want your year ahead to look like, I encourage you to reflect on the past and uncover what it is that you need to let go of and discover your first step into the new journey you wish to embark on. 

I am looking forward to what the new year has in store for me, for you, for our community…with exciting new collaborations, designs, and special events on the horizon, I cannot wait to share it all with you all!

May your year be filled with exploration, discovery, and growth. You are magic, and you can create the life you desire. If I was able to do it with the limited resources and models I was given, you can do it too. What you seek is seeking you. Go out into the world with curiosity, desire, and passion. All will unfold for you, just believe and most importantly, relax. 

I encourage you to read through my six new year practices that I like to use as tools to attract and embrace the opportunities that the year has install for me.

Reflect &

The most important practice to achieving what we want in this life, is self reflection and vision. I have always been a big believer in the magic of manifestation and that we can truly accomplish anything when we have a clear vision.

Reflect on the year that was and what now lies ahead of you. Light a candle, grab a pen and paper and answer the following journal prompts to reflect and discover what it is that you want to manifest for yourself.

Journal Prompts:
1. This year I have learned...
2. The tools that really supported me this year were...
3. As I move into the new year, I would like to leave behind...
4. In the new year I would like to commit to...

Now that you are clear on your manifestations, it's time to get creative. Take your time in creating a 2023 vision board that reflects what your manifestations are. Get specific with images and words that relate to your vision. Add words and phrases that inspire you, prayers, affirmations, or mantras. Include a vision for your relationships, health, career, travel, and feelings you desire. Include the words I AM (I like it write it large in the middle of the board). I like to take inspiration from people I look up to, books, film and Pinterest. 

Save and print out all your findings and cut and paste onto a board/paper or create yourself a digital version. Place your vision board somewhere that you can see it often as a map that you can use to keep drawing inspiration from as you walk through this year of new opportunity. The more your subconscious is exposed to the life you desire, it will start to unfold like magic. 

Logan Hollowell Moodboard

Give Yourself a Little R&R

Something that is often forgotten or we don't give ourselves enough of is self care and self love. I am a big advocate for a self care session. The smallest moment of self appreciation and care is like a little hit of magic that brings you back to you.

Give yourself time to rest and recharge on a regular basis this year. In order for us to put in the work to achieve our goals, we have to be at our greatest health both physically and mentally.

Do yourself a favor and set aside a block of time on a weekly basis for self care/love. Whether your self care time is to take a bubble bath, meditate, apply a face mask or simply allowing time to rest, it is important to give this time to yourself to slow down and be present in the current moment.

Bubble bath and hand with LH rings on

Set Your Intentions

Help guide yourself into the person you want to be, live and show up as in the world with intentions. Uncover the answers of what it is that is most important to you in order to create powerful intentions that will help you strive toward unmasking your full potential. Having clear intentions will assist you in guiding your actions as you move through everyday life and toward your ideal future.

Write out 5-10 intentions that align with your current purpose.

I like to revisit my intentions throughout the year and change or remove them when they feel as though they are no longer serving me.

Start your intentions with:
I am...
I listen...
I choose...
I invest...

Two laptops on bed and coffee cups resting next to

Embrace Nature

Connect with the natural world. As you embark on the journey that is 2023 I encourage you to embrace nature to help you along the way. Being in nature allows us to be still, present and inspired.

Whenever I am feeling overwhelmed I like to go for a hike, buy fresh flowers or walk my dog. This helps me to be in the present moment, refresh my perspective and realign my energy to the frequency of the universe.

Left: Selfie of Logan / Right: Close up of Emerald Queen ring on hand and pink rose flower

Open Your Mind

There is so much we can learn from others and and ourselves by reading. Whether you use reading as a tool to escape from reality, immerse yourself in the lives of a character or to learn something new, let this practice be an opportunity to open your mind in 2023.

If you are not yet a reader or are looking for something new, I encourage you to revisit your vision board to find a topic that sparks interest to you. Use reading and the ability to learn about new things be a aid in making your manifestations become a reality.

Close up of open book to chapter 24

Wear Your 2023 Power Stones

Enhance the energy you want to attract with the power of magical gemstones. If you’ve not yet started to wear gemstone jewelry, then this is your sign to start. What is it that you want to attract or need support with this year? Let the magic of a gemstone support your needs, worries and dreams. If you are unsure on which gemstone is you power stone, choose the color you are most attracted to. 

Queen Water Drop Ring in All stone colors

Find Your 2023 Power Stone HERE.

With love, magic, and gratitude,
xx Logan
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