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How to Make a Magical Vision Board

How to Make a Magical Vision Board

I am such a sucker for the *Law of Attraction. I talk about it all the time and I use it to manifest many many things in my life, such as career goals and relationships.

*For more about the Law of Attraction watch The Secret or follow/subscribe to Abraham Hicks publications. 

Most of the time, I do my manifesting rituals during meditation or I sit down and write down what I desire to manifest in my life. And so far, it has worked very well. But coupled with a vision board, the manifestations have come soaring in faster than I could have imagined. All because I trusted the vision, let go and let the Universe bring me my desires; ONLY the desires that would serve my highest good and the highest good of all.

What is a vision board ?

A vision board is a collage of pictures, images, words and what not that you create to set an intention for what you would like your life to look like in the future. It’s almost as if you were creating a snapshot of yourself a few years down the road. Once you create your vision board, all you have to do is hang it somewhere and let it go, knowing that your order to the Universe was made and that it will now work to bring your vision to life.

#1 Getting Rid of Doubts
As with any other manifesting tool, you need to get rid of your limiting beliefs. The Law of Attraction states that Energy flows where attention goes. This means that whatever you are putting thoughts into, you will attract. So, if you cultivate thoughts along the lines of "I’m never gonna be able to quit this job and do what I truly love," or "I really wish I had X but I am not Y enough to have it," then I’m sorry to break it to you, but you will only attract more of that. And nobody wants that, am I right? When you are working on manifesting something in your life you must trust the Universe is conspiring to bring it to you. Your job is to set the intention and step out of your own way. Vision boards were first a new thing for me so in order to get rid of my personal doubts about them, I spent a few nights googling and reading the amazing results others had achieved with their vision boards. This not only showed me how powerful this tool can be, but also gave me confidence in my abilities to manifest the life I dreamed of.

#2 Make it Sacred
Whenever I sit down and work on manifesting something, I always feel like I have a tête-à-tête with the Universe. I just feel like it’s this sacred moment where I get to ask for something knowing that the Universe is listening. Thats's why I always make sure to treat it as a sacred moment. So, for my first vision board, I bought myself a nice bottle of wine, did a little meditation to get myself in the mood, lit up some candles and got right into it. I love to treat my manifesting moments as sacred rituals. Of course, you do not need to do it this way. The importance here is to do what feels good to you and what resonates the most with your soul.

#3 Decide What you Want to Manifest
Vision boards can be used for many different purposes. It can be to manifest a specific thing like the house of your dreams, the career you truly desire, or the family you wish to one day have. Or it could be to create a vision of your future self 1 year, 3 years, or 10 years from now. When I did my vision board, I made the decision to not put any timestamp on it. I decided that it didn’t have to depict my life in 1 or 5 or 15 years, it just had to illustrate what my life would be composed of as a whole. To help me get a better vision of what I desired to manifest, I imagined my 6-year old self being handed a magic crystal ball that would allow her to see what her life would look like as an adult. I imagined her looking in awe at what kind of job she would have, where she would live, who she would be surrounded by, how she would feel about life and herself. I let my imagination run wild, without judgment and it revealed me the objects of my desire.

#4 Grab your Pens and Scissors
Once I had played with the idea of 6-year old me looking at her future through a magic crystal ball, I wrote down the elements that came up and went straight to Pinterest. I choose Pinterest because it is a platform that I know and use often, but you could use anything from magazines, to drawings you make yourself. Affirmations and statements are big for me. I make certain things bold, italisized, or mix up the font. I usually write “I AM” in the middle of the board — since it is scientifically proven that those two words are the most powerful words in all of the languages. Anything you say proceeding those words... will be. So as long as you continue to say “I am _____”, you will be that. As for the vision board, really anything visual will do. I spent hours looking through pins and boards searching for the perfect images.

How did I know which image or phrase was ‘perfect?' Well, I just felt it. If it made me feel really good, gave me butterflies, goosebumps or even small tears in my eyes thinking I would get to have/experience that, then I would save that picture. Those feelings are little nudges from your Soul indicating to you that what you are seeing is in alignment with your higher purpose.

I was having really a lot of fun doing this. I felt as if the Universe had handed me a catalogue of infinite possibilities and I had the opportunity to go through it and choose what I wanted. I didn’t expect my vision board experience to be so exciting, but it was! Once I had selected all my images, I saved them to a folder and got them printed. I then cut out my pictures and pinned them to my cork board.

PS: I decided to pin my pictures and not glue them because I wanted to be able to add and change images as things came into my life and my desires had been met... because they will be met. Just watch.
#5 Letting the Universe Handle the Details
Once my vision board was finished, all that was left to do was to hang it and let the Universe work its Magic. Letting go is all about trusting that the Universe will handle the details, and then detaching yourself from the outcome. This final step might be the hardest for many (myself included, I can be pretty impatient at times). You need to release your worries and Trust the Universe. When you let go, you achieve vibrational alignment with what you hold in your vision. You surrender and become open to possibilities and allow things to come to you easily. 

My best tip here is once your vision board is finished, hang it somewhere you will see it often but don’t worry about how or when your vision is going to manifest. Just remember how good your vision made you feel and act as if it was already on its way (because it is). Simply trust that the Universe received your desires and will work its Magic to deliver them to you.
You are Magic.

Xx, Logan

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