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Unlocking 11:11 : The Magic of Angel Numbers

Unlocking 11:11 : The Magic of Angel Numbers

Have you noticed something strange going on lately?

That every time you glance at your phone it seems to be exactly 11:11?

That repeating 1's are popping up all around you – on receipts, license plates, mile markers and digital notifications? Well, it’s not a coincidence. It’s synchronicity.  

  This year more than ever before, countless people all over the planet have reported seeing the 11:11 code repeatedly appear in their daily lives. Notice how I called it code- because it is. It is a code that unlocks you to your, our, greatest potential. It’s the code that delivers the message to TRUST in the Universe and its universal wisdom and power. It is that message being delivered directly to you- to open you up to a higher state of mind. The numbers are standing together tall, like a gateway.  A doorway to new kind of existence that upon arrival is the kind that you may have never even thought was possible.

  A new paradigm is on our horizon. The kind of paradigm where fear no longer exists. A world where people are healthy, without diseases (dis - EASEs within the human body, and across the mental state of human kind). We have been living in a state of dis - ease. Not at ease, societally. And it has been traumatizing for all of humanity. That's why we are in this intense state of vulnerability. This state which feels so unbelievably uncomfortable at times. We have come to find out is that the more we resist the discomfort, the mirror, the further we push this freedom, this paradise away. 11:11 is a reminder to let go and know that the Universe has got your back. It can't heal you without your help; you have to do the work. Your angels are by your side - call on them - they will hear you, but you must ask for it.

  11:11: It’s a worldwide phenomenon that’s intensifying as we approach the 11th day of the 11th month,of an 11 Universal Year (2+0+1+8=11) 11:11:11

  This year, November 11th is more magical than you could imagine… and it is the most powerful manifesting day of the decade. 

  11 is the Master Number of heightened intuition, supernatural abilities and miraculous creation. Yes, psychic abilities - that's what I am talking about! Telepathy baby… you have had it this whole entire time.  It's just been hidden. And every single soul has it. And the more you evolve consciously, the stronger it gets. You have it with your best friend sometimes. Or whoever. Well guess what? You will soon have it with everyone. Which is amazing, because no one will be able to lie anymore. 

  So you might as well start living your truth NOW. You might as well start speaking honestly and virtuously about who you are deep down inside, and expressing your needs. Soon you will have no choice. Everyone will see through you. And some of us already can.  And we love you, unconditionally!  So stop hiding your true authentic, amazingly weird self. You are dope- just the way you are! 

   As I mentioned, in sacred geometry, the Number 11 represents two pillars, a gateway, which opens a direct portal between divine inspiration/creativity and physical materialization (manifestation).  On November 11th, 2018, the 11:11:11 portal flies wide open, just days after Scorpio's New Moon which darkens the skies and opens limitless possibilities.

This is it, yall! 

  Get ready for a massive expansion of your personal power and abundance potential! And I am talking about it at lightning speed. All you need is this creative formula. 

  Desire, strong desire. Belief in yourself. Love. And then you have to take a leap of FAITH - an attitude of complete non attachment - that all will manifest for you in divine form in divine timing. 

There is no doubt that something is shifting in the Universe right now. Can you feel it? 

  The last time we experienced this 11:11:11 portal was back in 2009. Before that, it was 1910! That means over 99% of the world’s population have only ever experienced one or two of these days in their lifetimes. 

  No wonder the entire planet is feeling the effects of this incredibly rare vibration and waiting with great anticipation for November 11th, 2018 to arrive! 

  Don’t be caught off guard. Here are the top 3 things you can do to prepare for this epic day.


1. Let go of what no longer serves you anymore. 

In other words, let go of your old life. Notice when you put on that sweater from last year there are memories attached to it? Good or bad? Or maybe it was just an older less upgraded version of yourself? Maybe you were going through a break up during the time you got it. Maybe you should cut ties with that sweater because a new soft buttery cashmere one will appear for you, out of thin air (or maybe you go shop for one, and infuse it with some of your own magic). 

  During this transformational time, people, places, objects, projects, plans, ideas, or dreams may all start to want to EXIT your life.  Notice what wants to exit. Notice what starts to feel like it doesn’t belong anymore.  Notice contradictions as they arise in your awareness, and any beliefs and thoughts you are still holding onto that don’t align with your rapidly upgrading reality. Nothing was ever “wrong” with any of it- it was exactly RIGHT at the time you needed it. Everything has served its purpose - so bless all of it! Even if you feel like certain things need rushing out. Do your best to not look at it this way, this is an immature or less evolved way to think of it. Say thank you. Send it unconditional love.  The truth is, you can’t take full advantage of the power and mastery of the 11:11:11 portal if you’re still holding on tightly to your old life. If you’re being triggered, if you feel angry, scared or anxious by the truth of what’s left behind then see these fear-based emotions as a sign that you have inner work to do. This is a good thing! You are peeling back the layers, and this is your chance to take on some super deep inner healing.

  Everything in the universe is divine. That's why I get bummed when people start yelling at eachother, at the TV, at politicians. It's all actually divine, if we just trust it and stick to our truth. TRUST that the Universe is playing out your movie in the most perfect divine way, and trust that the ending of the movie is a positive ending, one that leads to a bright, beautiful new begining. 

2. Nourish your body and mind.   

  It's easy to remain unaware of the potency of the energetic codes streaming through our bodies during such a powerful cosmic window since we can't physically see them with our eyes…but they are there.  They’re opening us up and restructuring us on levels we may not even be ready to connect to yet. But the very fact that you are here, reading these words means that you’re ready for it, and it’s happening to you! If your body is asking for a detox, or to change your diet/lifestyle, listen to it. If your intuition is telling you to avoid heavy and dense foods such as meat and cheese, listen to it. By the way, cheese is literally pus from cows. And that's how it works in your body, as pus. Swap it out for vegan cheese- there are so many options. Heavy greasy foods… these things will only hold you down. They will have you stuck in the pain and suffering the animal endured before it ended up on your plate. Another bonus when you cut out meat- your anxiety starts to diminish because you aren’t taking on the suffering of another living being.

  I don’t know about you, but personally I want to fly. That's why the further I evolve, the more and more attracted I am to fruits and vegetables - light foods. Because being “stuck” is not an option for me anymore. 

  Try to limit your exposure to too much external stimulation – TV, radio, advertising or other manipulative media as all of these will really hinder the soul-level work that’s being done for you, and by you, during this magical time. I personally haven’t had a TV in my home since I was 13. I'm actually repulsed by TV to be honest. However, I love documentaries and educational and inspiring cinema and YouTube videos (Abraham hicks, Tony Robbins, channels like Higher Self, etc.). Instead, look for guidance and wisdom that feeds your soul. Sleep when you need to, eat the right foods for your body type and take real, loving care of yourself. Take baths, light candles, burn insense for yourself. Put flowers next to your bed and throughout your home. Spend as much time in nature as possible. Get up earlier and go on a walk before work. (I walk 4 miles every morning- no matter where I am in the world. It has changed my life and physical and mental health.  At this point it is a must.  Self care: This will make the big energetic shifts easier to accept and enable you to step up into the higher version of yourself when the opportunities arise.


  The last 3 months of the year is a very fertile ground, and the 11:11:11 gateway is a cosmic invitation to plant some seeds for your future.  Not just any seeds- some extra, extra magical seeds. Seeds that are going to grow into a big, beautiful garden. This garden is your future - the garden of your dreams. With your health, wealth, career, family, friends, and life... just the way you would have in this emerging ideal world. You are really being asked to dream BIG. Not just, “Oh, this would be cool if…”  What I am saying is don’t just plan for what you want, plan for what’s ideal. Don’t just imagine better, imagine paradise. Don’t just dream of happiness, dream of ecstasy. But this kind of imagining takes work. Our modern world doesn’t neccesarily encourage us to believe that anything is truly possible. It makes it easier to stay small and make do with what we have. So use this deep, dark dive into the cosmos to break through your limiting beliefs and let your mind expand into infinity, and beyond! You can have it all! The world is yours for the taking.

Wishing you a magical 11/11,

The Diamond Mind 

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  • Christy

    This is so beautiful, Logan! “Bless it all” is one of my favorite points to take away from this brilliant and insightful gem journal entry. Your positivity is radiant, and you offer such wonderful tips for self-love and self-care. Your light shines bright, my friend, and it can be seen in your words, your photos, and most especially in your jewelry. Every day I wear my golden LH pieces into the world, and I feel special inside and out. My daggers make me feel strong. My shanti makes me feel calm. And my star set ring is so special it has practically become part of my finger, part of me. Thank you for encouraging me to dream big. The world needs you, sweet Logan. Big love!!!

  • Chelsea willis

    Logan I’m not sure how I’ve never came across your page. But tonight more than ever am I beyond blessed and grateful I did. I’ve cried 3 times reading this magical inspiring journal entry you’ve written. Letting go I think is the hardest part in life, and to really dream feels like a roller coaster in thin air sometimes. But tomorrow I’ll be shooting with a huge athletic company and I’ve been asking for fitness photos for quite sometime now. What I’m getting at is your dreams, questions and doubts can be answered by your angels! They’re always with us! I swear today I was just talking about telepathy. I can think and think and think about someone so hard and then BOOM they call/txt/DM/contact me. I’m just amazed at life and what it’s constantly sharing with me. For instance your page, clicking on this link and reading this entry. Thank you Logan. From the beginning of this journey till the end of all existence. You, I and the rest of the world are love. Stay lifted <333

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