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The Golden Bull

The Golden Bull

I find it interesting that I designed and created the golden bull necklace around a year ago, yet since the new year, it has been one of my highest sellers. Why after the new year did people become so attracted to it? I have an idea. When I tap in, my intuition is that people need the bull’s strength more than ever to move forward in their lives with life changes and breakthroughs in the new year. I know so many people on the verge of quitting their jobs, many of which have stuck with these jobs for many months or years knowing it wasn't right, but were and are apprehensive about taking the plunge. My question is WHY WAIT?

“LEAP . . . and the net will appear”.

Trust me. It will appear. Mine appeared. And boy was I scared. Biting my nails, heart racing. Heart strings pulling towards my own independence my own freedom. Then there was those old broken records playing in my mind “You wont make it, you cant do it”. It was broken. Then I smashed it and it was really broken. I followed my heart, went with my passion, and I am eternally grateful for that fearlessness inside of me. I sat with the fear and then jumped like when I went sky diving for the first time. And I was free falling and it felt CRAZY! You could call it uncomfortable. Until I released the parachute and I was floating. We all have wings, some of us forget this.

Aimee Song in the Yellow gold and Diamond Bull Skull Necklace.

I totally understand when people hold on so they can have a back up plan, I do. But there is a difference from making excuses and holding on because of comfortability or fear. Remember something, if it weren't for change, there would be no butter flies.

The golden bull represents strength and fearlessness. But the diamond cut sparkly gold chain represents the lightness of moving forward in a graceful manner with our decisions, and shining on.

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