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Your Journey To Self-Love

Your Journey To Self-Love

Self love is a journey.

  Often with bumps and bruises along the way… stops, reroutes, delays. But guess what, I can promise you that there is a light at the end of the tunnel. And when you reach it, you will never go astray again. Because you will have built a relationship of self respect so strong that you will no longer desire to deviate from your journey of light and self love. Once ignited, self love is a forever burning flame inside your heart. 

  Just as it is nearly impossible to forget how to ride a bike once you learn how to ride, ultimate self love and acceptance is always with you once you learn how to welcome it into your life. It is both beautiful and brutal in it’s unconditional nature, allowing you to forever find forgiveness for yourself and others. This ultimate mindset of forgiveness allows us to see that we are all one, and this connection leads to more compassionate relationships with ourselves and others. 

  The process of self love is one of Alchemical change. By facing deep fears and being able to see yourself clearly, we can shift our perspective of the self. After all, what have you got to be so afraid of? This life is a dream. Through my journey, I have seen the other side, as have you. You are beginning to wake up, and realize, this life is indeed heavenly. And you, dear one, are the dreamer. Unconditional self love and forgiveness are stepping stones in creating your ultimate reality and dream life. For, the only thing you can control is yourself- and what you give attention to. And whatever you give attention to will expand. That I promise you. 

Practical tools of Self Love: 


Nourish your body…

  Your body is a temple. It holds your soul, your heart, and your mind, all precious vessels for emanating love! We must take care of our bodies with the same love as helping care for a loved one…for you are your number one loved one. Do you treat your body and mind with kindness? Do you nourish yourself with health? Or do you starve, or over indulge? Turn your self love into a LIFEstyle. Not a temporary DIEt. One promotes Life, one promotes Death. 


Speak it into being….

  Words are spells, remember? More often than not, the answers to life’s questions are written flat out in front of our faces - within our words. SPELLing… you are constantly casting SPELLS with your words. Become aware of this truth. 


Gaining clarity….

  So what is it you want - a partner? A new job? A new home? What kind of attention are you giving to those things? Attention of LACK or of POSSIBILITY. Of actualization. Of LOVE. Are you still playing the victim, pretending it is all someone else’s fault that you don’t have the things you desire? Life is a mirror, an echo.

What you put out into the universe will grow - will reflect. 


So if you want love, give love. If you want prosperity and abundance, bless those around you that have it. By doing this you will water your own seeds, and they will grow into those exact things you are focusing upon. 


  If you want love, respect, and attention from others - give it to yourself. Nurture yourself with love. Allow those into your life who do the same - who nourish you - not who starve you of love. Surround yourself with those who support you on your path, not those who distract you from your journey so that you remain comfortable. Those influences who push you to see the positive, to reach higher, empower you. Never shrink for the sake of someone else who lacks self love. Promise? No matter who they are.

Focus on your target - do not get distracted. Remember, you are becoming unbreakable, 

Lead others to the light….

  Be an example. Do not succumb to other’s rejection, their lower vibrations, which is just a reflection of how they actually feel on the inside. 


Love is a choice….

  You have to choose yourself, even when others refuse to. Self love is choosing yourself, and choosing yourself is self care. There is a difference between “self-ish” and “self-absorbed”. You should be “Of the Self” - when you are 'of the self', you are able to be the best for the Collective. When you are self absorbed you are separate. And separation is one of the many reasons you feel anxious, why you may suffer, why you may struggle with anxiety and depression. Because you are seeing yourself as separate, which is an illusion.

  And like a diamond, your happiness and self love will shine out of your being and you will radiate health, happiness, and self-belief. You are a diamond, discovering all your inner splendor... after all, you are remembering Who You Truly Are.

You are Love. 
Let your love begin with you. And know that we at Logan Hollowell... all of us... we love you! 
We are all in this together!

Stay golden,
Xx, Logan & Team
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