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Sacred Egyptian Goddess of Magic Ring

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Story Behind This Piece

By wearing this ring, you are evoking the sacred power of this ancient Egyptian goddess of Magic. This ring was made with the magic of Lady Aset, and is a protection piece. With this goddess in your life, you will be given the golden wings so that you can take flight into the life and path of your wildest dreams.

Lady Aset also known as Isis, (original Egyptian pronunciation more likely "Aset" or "Iset") the Egyptian goddess of magic and giver of life, thus Creation.

She is a moon goddess, who gave birth to Horus, the god of the sun. Together, Isis and Horus created and sustained all life and were the saviors of their people., remains one of the most familiar images of empowered femininity. She symbolizes the deep mysteries of the feminine ability to create and to bring life from that which is lifeless.

She is portrayed with winged arms outstretched in a protective position. The image of the wings of Isis was incorporated into the Egyptian throne on which the pharaohs would sit, the wings of Isis protecting them. Isis embodies the strengths of the feminine, the capacity to feel deeply about relationships, the act of creation, and the source of sustenance and protection. She is still widely worshiped by many pagans today in diverse religious contexts; including a number of distinct pagan religions, the l/modern Goddess movement, and interfaith organizations such as the Fellowship of Isis.

Lady Aset reconnects us with our innate healing powers, and so is beloved by healers. She supports everyone’s quest to reclaim their individual power and take responsibility for their healing journey. She shows us our ability to heal ourselves and to heal others. Lady Aset can help to awaken your healing abilities and healing intuition, your ability to communicate with the physical body and to intuit any needs you may have for healing. She empowers you to use the healing power of love and gratitude and to raise the energy level of the physical body by connecting to Source.

In the myths of ancient Egypt, Lady Aset and her brother/husband Osiris were the divine rulers of the gods. Overcome by envy and seeking to gain more power and control, her brother Set killed Osiris. Everything Lady Aset does is done with great power and intention.

    • Solid 14k gold Egyptian Goddess Ring with single genuine diamond.


    Solid 14k gold Egyptian Goddess Ring with single genuine diamond.


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