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Baby Bee Coin Charm with Single Diamond

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Custom made to order. Expected delivery within 4-6 weeks. Please contact for expedited orders.

Story Behind This Piece

"Bees are the foundation of life. Everything in this life on planet Earth begins with the bee. The bees pollinate the trees so we can breathe oxygen and the food we eat so we can sustain ourselves. Bees are sacred - we must respect and honor the bee." - Logan Hollowell

Determining the symbolic meaning of the bee (as with any creature) is best done by observing its behavior, social habits, community and environment. In the case of the bee, we can observe a highly social insect operating within a teamwork-based community with an intricate hierarchy. Their homes (hives) are highly symbolic, as is their physical body characteristics. This page on bee meaning will dive into symbolic highlights of bee behavior as a model for lessons we can use for our own lives. Furthermore, this article will offer some insight into bee meaning in history, culture and myth.

We can gain clues to bee meaning by observing the hive. A bees home is made of tightly packed cells in the shape of hexagons - which is sacred geometry. Hexagons are comprised of six sides. The number six is symbolic of love (six is a sacred number for the goddess Venus), communication, balance and union. So, regarding the home (hive), the bee is a symbol of wholesome child-rearing, love within the family, domestic stability, harmony and open communication among family members. When the bee visits us, it's often a message for these family encouragement to open healthy communications within the family, reevaluate the home, and family. Bees remind us to focus on the nurturing of our family, community and support groups.

    • 14k gold bee charm with a single white diamond.

      Charm only.

    14k gold bee charm with a single white diamond.

    Charm only.

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