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Men's North Star Signet Ring

SKU: LHR-1096-YGBD-8.0
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Custom made to order. Expected delivery within 2-3 weeks.

Story Behind This Piece

Let the guiding light of the North Star help you find your way to your best self, which brings you love, laughter, and adventure. Throughout history people have used the North Star to aid in their journey of where they truly belong.

The meaning of black diamond is transcendence. The gemstone has been symbolized as power, authority, and invincibility. The black diamond transmits these values to its wearer, because it gives strength of character, willpower and self-confidence. Those who are searching for meaning in their lives and someone to spend their lives with should hold on to the black diamond.

    • 14k gold signet ring with black diamonds.


    14k gold signet ring with black diamonds.


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