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Diamond Eye of Emotions Ring

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Custom made to order. Expected delivery within 4-6 weeks.

Story Behind This Piece

The Eye of Emotions is a capsule collection to symbolize and celebrate the full spectrum of emotions, and to promote mindfulness meditation as an educational practice to create a better world. It’s a reminder to bring emotional awareness of ourselves and to honor and trust our feelings and intuition, allowing them to flow as we surrender to them. It is also a reminder to remember that sadness is a part of life, and is just as important as joy, and that both should be celebrated as part of the human experience. It is a totem symbolizing empathy & compassion for ourselves and others. When worn it reflects back like a mirror, symbolizing that we are all in this together. We have all lived, suffered, and experienced the peaks and valleys of life, and must acknowledge that we are from the same source.

    • 14k gold and diamond eye ring with 0.26ct total weight.

    14k gold and diamond eye ring with 0.26ct total weight.

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