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Baby Yin Yang Pinky Ring | Ready to Ship

SKU: RISA-008-2.5
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Story Behind This Piece

Yin and yang are two sides of dualism. The earth we live on is yin, and the sun that brings us warmth is yang. Sadness is yin, while joyfulness is yang. The feminine qualities in all of us are yin, and the masculine qualities in all of us are yang. The black in the Yin and Yang symbol represents masculine energy and the white, the feminine. They join together to show the relationship, balance, and harmony that two opposites can make. Together they thrive.

Despite the duality of appearances, all things are ultimately one. This deep unity is felt when we take a walk in nature, relax, and tune into the birds chirping and the breeze blowing. We feel our oneness with all the living things.

Achieving the balance between yin and yang is, in essence, achieving harmony. When you nurture your masculine and feminine energies (no matter how much you have of either), you begin to balance them. Notice them and do what feeds them. Achieving true balance is the key to peace.

    • Baby yin yang pinky ring.

      Available in Size 2.5.

    Baby yin yang pinky ring.

    Available in Size 2.5.

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